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Not for everyone

Exceptionally fine, lightweight lingerie lace produced from fabric manufactured on the TL 59/1/24

(PresseBox) (Obertshausen, ) Frogs are not the only creatures to be enchanted by the seductive bra shown here. This seductive lingerie is a real eye-catcher and features a lace band patterned with an attractive floral design in the art-deco style. The large floral motifs are clearly defined and feature a thick, hatched border and a raised pattern. The filled-in areas of the beautiful sepals are also particularly attractive. With their flat inner edging, striking mesh pattern and flat centre, they also create a beautiful look.

The beautiful flowers spread out between smaller, stylised flowers on a delicate, semi-transparent ground. The filigree ground is also extremely attractive and features a variety of patterns. Its tulle-like construction is broken up by a fine, open-work design, features two different ground constructions, and combines different designs elements at the edges. Long, curved, wavy lines with a mother-of-pearl sheen run through the textile to form circular shapes, some of which are filled-in. The hem looks as if it has been sewn by hand and stylised leaves entwine around the various pattern elements.

The design as a whole creates an extremely fine, filigree effect and a uniform fabric appearance and was worked on an extremely lightweight lace - a modern combination that was produced by the TL 59/1/24.

The new Textronic® Lace machine processed extremely fine yarns in both the ground and pattern constructions to produce this delicate fabric in a gauge of E 28.

The new addition to the multibar jacquard raschel machines is generally available in gauges E 24 and E 28. It complements the range consisting of the tried-and-tested TL 43/1/24, TL 71/1/36 and TL 66/1/36 machines, operates at an impressive, high speed, and can produce a wide range of different patterns efficiently. The increased efficiency and flexibility compared to its predecessor have been achieved by implementing a number of new innovations from the lace raschel machine sector. These mainly include integrating the string bar concept for moving the pattern bars, and the efficient KAMCOS® computer system.