KARL MAYER unveils the future on an area of 1,750 m2 at ITMA 2007

The KARL MAYER Group shows its products at ITMA in Munich, 13.-20.09.07

Obertshausen, (PresseBox) - With the latest innovations introduced in the runup to ITMA in the fields of warp knitting, warp preparation and technical textile production, the KARL MAYER Group has brought about a real increase in efficiency and performance, and is currently offering one of the most comprehensive and successful product ranges in the company’s history. This was illustrated by the impressive range of products that this traditional company was showing at this year’s ITMA 2007 exhibition, which was held from 13 to 20 September in Munich. Visitors crowded to view the machines for the entire duration of the fair, and they all wanted details of the aftersales service and customer support packages. In fact, KARL MAYER’s specialists and sales staff were rushed off their feet discussing possible applications and negotiating projects.

‘We are absolutely delighted with the results of the trade fair. We exhibited a broad and innovative range of products, which should appeal both to the Asian as well as to the European and American markets.

We were particularly pleased by the interest shown by our customers in Europe and America, which clearly demonstrates that business can be stimulated in highly industrialised countries by the right type of machine technology,’ said Fritz P. Mayer, the company’s managing director.

Once again, the stands occupied by this company, which leads the market and the technology and provides firstclass technical support, became a centre of excellence and turned out to be a popular meeting point and window onto the entire sector. This situation was reflected in the layout and design of its stands. The stand in hall A2. 315, which was on two levels and covered an area of 1,250 m2, gave anyone interested in KARL MAYER’s warp knitting machines plenty of room to view the seven operational machines from all sides. The visitors were able to wander around the spacious stand and have a look at what was available, and to talk things over in a pleasant atmosphere. Beautiful lace tops, bras and briefs, smooth lingerie sets, saucy little bikinis, extravagantly patterned hosiery, and functional underwear and sportswear were on display in illuminated glass cases, impressively showcasing the markets on which KARL MAYER feels well and truly at home. This concept was also applied to the warp preparation machinery on show in hall B6. 305/400, which proved to be just as successful. The stand, which covered an area of 500 m2, was showing a large number of machines as well as possible applications and, together with KARL MAYER’s team of specialists, became a real magnet for all the technologists interested in preparatory equipment for weaving and warp knitting.

Machines for ‘Warp Knits and Specials’

As far as highspeed tricot machines are concerned, the company’s developers and engineers have utilised the advantages of carbonfibrereinforced plastics. They used this stable, lightweight material to produce the bars for the knitting elements and harmonised the entire concept of the machine to suit this material. ‘By using CFR plastic, we have been able to increase the speed and temperature stability of our HKS machines quite considerably. These can now operate in every gauge and under virtually any climatic condition at unlimited speed,’ said the managing director, Fritz P. Mayer, when describing this latest innovation being exhibited by the company at ITMA.

The temperature window, which forms part of the climatic specifications for guaranteeing trouble-free machine operation, has been extended from 25ºC +/- 2ºC to 23ºC +/- 7ºC. This increase in performance was being demonstrated impressively at ITMA by an HKS 3-M machine featuring the CFR plastic concept.

The machine was operating at a constant speed of 2,400 min-1 whilst a cold stream of air at 6ºC was jetted from one side across the entire width of the machine.

‘As early as the third day of the fair, we pulled off a big contract to supply some new HKS 3-M machines and we also took orders for other machines. This confirms the success of the innovative strategy which we are currently implementing,’ said Jörg Bredemeyer, the head of this section when speaking about the trade fair.

Under the heading of ‘Warp Knits and Specials’, the company was also showing a new HKS 2-3 with CFRP bars, the TM 3, a basic machine with fixed widths, gauges and features, which is designed to cater primarily for a market that is largely determined by price, and the new RSE 6 EL, which is 75% faster than its predecessor, although it is virtually identical in terms of its operation.

Lace and net curtain machines

The Lace and Net Curtain section was showing two new machines at ITMA 2007, the TL 43/1/24 and the RSJ 5/1 EL.

The new Rascheltronic® was equipped with the tried-and-tested piezo system, Multi Speed sequential yarn feed and electronic guide bar drives for extending the shog paths of guide bars GB 5 and GB 6 to 170 needles. This machine now offers even more design possibilities and faster lapping changeover, which has enabled completely new applications to be opened up. ‘Our customers were particularly impressed by the possibility of being able to work specific zones into the fabric, and generated a number of new ideas for extending the enduses. Throughout the exhibition, we took a number of orders for the new Rascheltronic® from various countries,’ said Arno Gärtner, the head of this section, when speaking about the feedback he had had on the new RSJ 5/1 EL.

The visitors to the trade fair were just as enthusiastic about the new TL 43/1/24. The functions and performance of the new Textronic® Lace machine have been improved considerably, and it can now reach speeds of up to 600 min-1, which makes it 20% faster than the lowbar Textronic® Lace machine available on the market. Increasing the number of pattern bars behind the fall plate from two to 14 strings, in conjunction with the shog distance of up to 170 needles, has also increased the patterning possibilities. ‘This combination of a wide range of patterning possibilities and a high speed is quite unique. It is exactly what our customers are looking for and makes the TL 43/1/24 extremely attractive, both for the premium segment as well as the wider market in general,’ said Arno Gärtner.

Machines from KARL MAYER Malimo

The RS 2(3) MSUS from KARL MAYER Malimo Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH for producing technical textiles completes the range of machines being exhibited by the KARL MAYER Group, and produces backing substrates for use as tarpaulins or advertising media.

Throughout the trade fair, this highspeed, threebar raschel machine with parallel weft insertion and Multi Speed function was producing a highperformance textile with a unique look and new functional characteristics. The textile produced has an exceptional tear resistance and tear propagation resistance and its own unique appearance, which may feature dense areas or gridike constructions having opening widths to suit the requirements of the end product. These features come like a breath of fresh air to the stable, varied market for backing substrates, and was of great interest to the visitors at the fair. ‘We had many highlevel technical discussions, both with our own customers as well as with new manufacturers, regarding the possibilities offered by the RS 2(3) MSUS,’ said Axel Wintermeyer, the head of sales at KARL MAYER Malimo. ‘Everyone was particularly impressed by the high quality of the end products and by the machine’s production performance and flexibility.’

Warp preparation machines

In the warp preparation sector, KARL MAYER has been following a strategy of ensuring that it can fully meet every market requirement by making an extensive range of machines available. This range had been extended to coincide with the ITMA exhibition by the addition of another sample warping machine and a new, automatic section warping machine.

The GOM 24 can produce warps having lengths of between 14 and 1,050 m and completes the production repertoire of the GOM range of machines, which can now produce sample and production warps having lengths of 420 m, 700 m and 1,050 m. This new machine guarantees firstrate quality, is extremely flexible to use and, with a production rate of 1,200 m/min, is 40% more efficient than the GOM 16. This increase generated a great deal of interest at the exhibition. ‘Our strategy of revising and revamping our range of machinery is in full swing,’ said Friedrich Maletschek, the head of this section, when speaking about the feedback he had had on the new sample warping machine. ‘We spoke to many customers, especially from Italy, Spain, India, China, Germany and Turkey, who want to work with us in extending their production repertoire. We have already been able to finalise several contracts and have been particularly pleased by the number of new contacts we have made. The combination of its flexibility and high product quality is paving the way for the GOM 24 to open up new enduses.’

Another efficient warp preparation machine at the interface between the production of sample and production warps is the Nov-o-matic. This automatic section warping machine produces highquality short and production warps in lengths to fill warp beams having flange diameters of 800 mm. ‘There was a great deal of interest in our new Nov-o-Matic at ITMA. Italian manufacturers and Indian producers specialising in the production of silk ties, shirts and suits were particularly impressed by the machine’s compact design, the short settingup times, and its high production rate,’ said Friedrich Maletschek. This newcomer to KARL MAYER’s range of machines can operate at 800 m/min during warping and at 200 m/min during beaming.

Also on show at ITMA, and the object of much scrutiny by the visitors, was a new beaming machine for sizing and assembly beaming and for producing warps directly from a creel, the ‘Smart Beam’, a patented system based on RFID technology for transferring data, and the compact CSB-PW size box from KARL MAYER Rotal.

Data management

Two separate areas of KARL MAYER’s stand in hall A2. 315 were dedicated to the topic of data processing and it was here that ALC and BarcoVision, two of the company’s partners, were also exhibiting.

BarcoVision rounded off the range of products being exhibited on the topic of KAMCOS®. This integrated computer concept was being shown together with the components of Motion Control, Pattern Control and Operator Interface, and featured a new and innovative concept, i.e. following the ITMA 2007 exhibition, it will be possible for all KAMCOS® machines with external network interface to use an OPC server.

This worldwide standard for exchanging data between the machine control system and superior computer systems can be used as the information pool for production data recording - using BarcoVision’s KnitMaster, for example.

Another step towards implementing online data flow, which was also being exhibited at ITMA, is that a fabric scanner has now been integrated into the KAMCOS® system. The information on the fabric quality is displayed as a coloured graphic image at the Operator Interface, which provides the operative with a status report at a glance and, above all, on a realtime basis. All the required adjustments can be initiated at the Operator Interface, without having to program the scanner unit and using a separate hand terminal. The data collected from the integrated fabric scanner can also be made available to the client’s systems via the OPC interface. ‘The possibility of being able to integrate the control functions and analysis procedures into the machine network went down well with our clients. They can appreciate the advantages of this, see that it represents real progress, and gave us the best feedback that any innovative company could possibly want by wondering how they could have possibly managed without it in the past,’ said Herbert Lohr, the head of the electrical engineering section, when speaking about the outcome of the fair.

Other highlights on the theme of handling and maintenance included the ‘i-boro’ system, a new tool for optimising the technical support services. This consists of a VCD (Voice Camera Display) headset with a high-resolution, autofocus zoom camera, and provides two-way sound and moving-image communication between the staff on site and the technical support staff at a central location. The new version of the Teleservice software was also on show. Service requests can be sent from the Operator Interface at the machine, i.e. with a direct view of the plant. In addition to the image and text conferencing facility, the new, integrated ‘conference centre’ permits communication via the headset whilst the operative is at the machine to establish a secure question/action dialogue.

The second area covering information technology on KARL MAYER’s stand at ITMA was dedicated to the topic of managing the operating and pattern data, and focused on the ProFab Network and ProCad systems.

Version 3.5 of the ProCad system, which was unveiled at ITMA, features a range of new functions, which simplify pattern preparation and production, meet the requirements of the latest machine developments, and extend the possibilities of the production preparation and calculation functions.

The latest versions of ProCad warpknit and ProCad velours were presented to cater for those sectors specialising in technical textiles and tricot fabrics. A new feature of the ProCad warpknit system is that it is now possible to simulate warp-knitted fabrics three-dimensionally and display them on a monitor. ‘Visitors to the stand at ITMA saw the real, three-dimensional simulation of a textile fabric as a useful and unique tool for assisting in training and product design,’ said Werner Modenbach, the managing director of ALC, when discussing the feed-back from the fair on the new ProCad warpknit 3D system.

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