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Exclusive patterns

The JL 42/1 – the wind beneath the designer’s wings

(PresseBox) (Obertshausen, ) Exclusive designs do not stem from some whim of Nature, but are usually the product of the latest high-tech machine. The lace on this little dress says it all. This attractive, filigree pattern, highlighted against bare skin, may just look like a little bit of fun and the product of a vivid imagination, but the look has been achieved following a strict technical plan on the JL 42/1B.

This lets the imagination of the designer soar effortlessly above the constraints of previous patterning techniques. For example, thick bourdon yarns create the outline of brightly coloured butterflies on a delicate net ground. The different tonal nuances are produced by the specific characteristics of the different constructions and materials used. Solid, flat areas alternate with large, open mesh areas, the repeats in the ground complement the shimmering hatched areas, which glimmer with a mother-of-pearl sheen, yarns running in narrow arcs form the hem, and the lengthwise elasticity of the elastane provides shape and form to the entire ensemble. The large shog paths executed by the guide bars enable large patterns to be produced and accentuate the pattern motifs.

The result is a bright and vibrant piece of lace, which has been produced efficiently and with every attention to detail.This multibar jacquard raschel machine is equipped with the latest patterning and drive systems for producing high-quality stretch and non-stretch lace and, together with its other tech-nical features, enables premium-quality lace to be produced in a much wider range of patterns.

Other advantages of the JL 42/1 B include its short setting-up times, user-friendliness, high operating reliability, easy maintenance, and maximum speed of 630 rpm – depending on the lapping and type of yarn being processed. These features make the Jacquardtronic® Lace machine with 42 pattern bars the perfect production machine for catering for the continuing demand for high-quality, filigree lace in a range of patterns for lingerie and clothing in particular.

A particular feature of the little dress shown here is that all the components have been warpknitted. The fabric in the sleeves and body section was produced on an RSE 6 EL and, with its regular polka-dot pattern, provides an attractive contrast to the intricate pattern of the lace. Both fabrics are described in more detail in the pattern section of this issue (KARL MAYER pattern nos. 131/2007 and 17/2007).