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"Blooming" sexy

A fabric with development potential, produced on the JL 42/1 B

(PresseBox) (Obertshausen, ) Producing garments with fewer seams means greater comfort and requires less making-up, especially in the lingerie sector. However, to gain maximum benefit from these advantages, the design must be just right. Right from the fabric production stage, it must be possible to integrate the main elements of the end product into the basic fabric relatively easily to suit its final end-use. Extensive knowledge of the machinery and designs is needed to fulfil these requirements, and this is a job for experts like KARL MAYER, Watkin & West and Perfecta, who are all specialists in their own particular fields. /1/.

The Obertshausen-based textile machinery manufacturer has had years of experience in manufacturing lace machines, and has developed the JL 42/1 B production machine, which has the capacity to produce a wide variety of patterns and to set new trends in designing fabrics for producing lingerie with fewer seams. The key to this company’s success is that the guide bars can execute shog paths of up to 170 needles, and the machine has the capacity to process a wide variety of different materials. Besides, of special importance is the sequential feeding of yarns with appropriate stitch density. By means of this sequential yarn feeding it is possible to integrate purposefully placed sections with different elongation values directly into the basic fabric, thus, obtaining a better performance behaviour (perfect support), for example when producing lingerie articles. This becomes evident from the side areas of the blue panties shown in the illustration.

The pattern of this sexy garment has been developed by Watkin & West, a well-known fashion designer based in Nottingham. Even at this stage, the shape of this floral lace band, with its fancy, zigzagged inner zone, matches the design of the briefs that will eventually be produced. Narrow connecting pieces at the sides effectively join the wider zones together to make the area around the bottom and front look more attractive. The Perfecta PA 801 cutting machine from the Swiss manufacturer, Perfecta Schmid Produkte AG, is used to accurately cut the delicate, floral strips with their high and low effects from the basic fabric.

The clever use of cutting and seaming technology enables the front and bottom sections to be adapted to suit the shape of the female body. All that remains is to apply the gusset and this seductive garment is finished, giving pleasure not only to the wearer, but also the manufacturer.

/1/ Seams – a hot topic for lingerie, Kettenwirk-Praxis, 2/2007, p. 5 Making-up by Regina Graf