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Juki's reputation for quality and speed continues

RX-6 Flex Placer receives a 2013 Global Technology Award

(PresseBox) (Solothurn, Switzerland, ) Juki Automation Systems, a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and line solutions and part of Juki Corporation, announces that it was awarded a 2013 Global Technology Award in the category of "Placement - Medium to High Volume" for its RX-6 Flex Placer. The award was presented to the company during a Tuesday, November 12, 2013 ceremony that took place at the Productronica trade fair in Munich, Germany.

The RX-6 is a brand new modular mounter that combines high quality, flexibility and productivity. Equipped with the new LaserAlign® module "LNC120", the machine features a maximum placement speed of 42'000 cph on a footprint of only 1.25 m and is even more accurate and reliable than all previous models. The RX-6 is extendable by the RX-7 Ultra High-Speed Placer that reaches a maximum placement speed of 75'000 cph.

Replaceable heads allow configuring a production line best suited to the current requirements. The rear head can be changed between a 6 nozzle head and a 3 nozzle head resulting in greater flexibility.

The six nozzle head supports components from 01005 up to 33.5 x 33.5 mm and with height up to 33 mm. The 3 nozzle head supports an even wider variety: from 01005 chips up to 100 x 100 mm or 50 ×180 mm long connectors and with a height also up to 33 mm. These heads are designed to handle a wide variety of components from ultra miniature resistors to large ICs or connectors. 3D or "Package-on-Package" (PoP) placement is possible using the optional fluxer units. Support for both, flux or solder paste, is available.

Placement Monitor (EPV) is a standard function. An ultra miniature camera built into the head section takes pictures images of component pick and placement in real time. An analysis is run for presence/absence and traceability information can be saved. This unique function prevents defective PCBs and reduces the time for root cause failure analysis.

Using 8 mm electronic double tape feeders the RX-6 with its space saving design handles up to 160 different components and delivers therefore ultimate flexibility to the customer. Additionally, it offers the highest productivity in its class with high-speed production with just 1 station / 2 beams / 2 heads. High-speed placement is performed with on-the-fly vision centering (IC components: 14,000 CPH) and the high-speed Tray Server TR7D enables fast supply of tray components, all at low cost. Additionally, thanks to the dual lane conveyor and dual head design, only one RX-6 is required where two machines would typically be needed for equal speed.

The standard RX-6 can handle PCBs up to 610 x 590 mm and with the long board option the size can even be increased up to a 905 x 590 mm.

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