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Issue Stand releases a site comparing all Digital Publishing Solutions on the market

(PresseBox) (Warsaw, ) Issue Stand is a company working on iPad publishing that recently released a Digital Publishing Solutions Comparison. It allows every publisher to see what's each company on the market has to offer and filter the results based on selected criteria.

"We've noticed the raising number of companies doing digital publishing and with that, the raising number of publishers' questions about differences between approaches and methods" - says Ola Sitarska, co-founder of Issue Stand. Ola also makes a note that Issue Stand's mission is to make publisher's life as easy as possible, save both money and time. This comparison is another little step towards their goal. It's all available for free here:

Data analysis

The comparison shows 43 companies and 33 criteria, starting from main office location of the company to every possible feature, pricing, platform support or details about authoring software. What Issue Stand learned from this? For example, only 31 of 43 companies support Android tablets and almost everyone support iPad and Apple Newsstand. The most popular authoring software is cloud based PDF Editor, almost every solution focuses on providing multimedia support, spread view and paid subscriptions. Prices vary from just $39 a month up to $999 a month for the most expensive solutions. The most interesting data usually stands behind the scenes. Issue Stand decided also to measure what criteria are the most important for publishers. Since the launch, more than 1200 publishers compared DPS using this website. Ola Sitarska, co-founder of Issue Stand, told us that the publishers mostly filtered "Features" section to see which solutions supports advertisements, multimedia or paid subscriptions. "Available platfoms" and "Authoring method" are the next ones to stand out from the crowd. Why Issue Stand took the time to make this comparison?

The more solutions available on the market, the harder it gets for publishers to choose the best one. Some companies provides tools, others are consulting companies. There are different methods of creating materials for the applications, they provide different features and are available on different platforms. It's not easy to start and choose the right fit for a publisher. Issue Stand believes that a happy customer is someone who chooses them because they think they're the right fit for their business among all the digital publishing companies. That's why they did a lot of research, talked to almost every digital publishing company and gather all this information in one simple comparison.