The PMH-D and PLU gold-plated bondable resistors for mounting with conductive adhesive

Isabellenhütte presents new types of resistors with gold-plated surfaces at PCIM 2014

Dillenburg, (PresseBox) - The new PMH-D and PLU precision performance foil resistors from Isabellenhütte are produced using the Isa-Plan process. In this process, three layers of manganin foil, copper substrate and an adhesive with good thermal conductivity (ceramic filled) are pressure bonded. This highly temperature-resistant bonded combination of substrate and resistant foil ensures optimal dissipation of heat. A small increase in the temperature of the component has a positive effect on stability and long-term drift. That is why both resistors are well suited to applications in the automotive sector in which there are high requirements in terms of temperature and load. They meet the international AEC-Q200 specifications. The PMH-D and PLU are also used in industrial applications such as frequency converters and power modules with DCB ceramic substrates.

The PMH-D (6.7 x 3.4 x 0.7 mm) and the PLU (10.4 x 6.4 x 0.6 mm) are designed for hybrid mounting with bonding technology. The bonding pads and the back side of the component are plated with a 0.1 μm layer of gold. That makes soldering and mounting with conductive adhesive possible. The result is an ideal thermal coupling that makes best use of the available component surface. The resistors are designed to handle a constant load of up to 5 W at 150 °C and a constant current of up to 50 A (PMH-D / size 2512) and 70 A (PLU / size 3924). The PMH-D is currently available as a 2-mOhm resistor and the PLU as a 1-mOhm resistor. Both resistors are designed as four-wire measurement resistors (Kelvin connection) and fulfil the requirements of RoHS guideline RoHS 2011/65/EU.

Technical details, PLU:
Resistance 1 mOhm
Tolerance 5 % (depending on the bonding position)
Temperature coefficient (20 - 60 °C) < 50 ppm/K (depending on the bonding position)
Temperature range -55 to +170 °C
Load capacity 5 W
Inner thermal resistance < 4 K/W
Inductance < 10 nH
Dielectric strength 100 VAC
Stability (nominal load) < 0.5 % (TK = 120 °C)
Deviation after 2,000 hrs < 1.0 % (TK = 150 °C)
TK = contact point temperature

Technical details, PMH-D:
Resistance 2 mOhm
Tolerance 5 % (depending on the bonding position)
Temperature coefficient (20-60 °C) < 50 ppm/K (depending on the bonding position)
Temperature range -55 to +170 °C
Load capacity 5 W
Inner thermal resistance < 10 K/W
Inductance < 3 nH
Dielectric strength 100 VAC
Stability (nominal load) < 0.5 % (TK = 90 °C)
Deviation after 2,000 hrs < 1.0 % (TK = 120 °C)
TK = contact point temperature


Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG has been owned by the Heusler family since 1827. Today, the company is an international leader in the production of low-ohmic precision and power resistors. Other business units are dedicated to the production of precision alloys, while the measurement technology designed by Isabellenhütte is considered to lead the field of shunt-based current measuring systems. The company combines its precision measuring systems under the new brand name ISAscale®. Around 720 staff are employed at its headquarters and production works in Dillenburg, Hesse.

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