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Compact and Brillant Diode Lasers

(PresseBox) (Burbach, ) Diode Lasers are completing the well- established product range of IPG Fiber Lasers in the field of plastics welding, micro soldering, marking and medical applications. Based on long- living single emitter diodes - which are among others also used for applications within space and therefore have to fulfill utmost requirements - IPG introduces a number of Diode Lasers with different form factors, fiber diameters and fiber outputs.
These diode lasers, emitting at a wavelength of 970+/-10 nm, represent highest reliability and brilliance. The following are available: 10W, 20W out of 100 m fibers; 50W and 100W out of 200 m fibers; 200W out of 300 m fibers; 400W up to 600W out of 400 m fibers.
IPG Laser GmbH offers OEM diode modules from 10W up to 100W and 19" racks from 50W up to 600W which can easily be integrated. Optionally, Diode Lasers can be equipped with a red pointer.

OEM modules (l. to r.) 10 W, 20W, 30W, 50W and 100W - optional with SMA connector or collimator - power supply via 24 VDC, fiber 100 m or 200 m, length of the fibers can be selected freely, NA 0.22.

Both power supply and laser driver are integrated in one 19" rack cabinet. Electrical power is supplied by 220 VAC. The optical output is established with SMA905 connector or collimator.

At 100W the process fiber has a diameter of 200 m (NA 0.22); at 200W 300 m (NA 0.22) and at 400W to 600W 400 m (NA 0.22)

Diode Lasers are manufactured by the combination of fiber coupled multimode single emitters into one feeding fiber. Today, applied semiconductor pump diodes for industrial applications have a power of >20W out of one 100 m fiber and are therefore the most efficient and long- lasting sources for Fiber and Diode Lasers available on the market. These pump diodes meet the extremely high requirements of the telecommunication industry and special applications.

Among the field of multikilowatt power (1kW up to 10kW) diode pumped Fiber Lasers with beam switches and Plug&Play process fiber core diameters of 600 m and more are preferred as the most efficient laser source for hardening, brazing or deposition welding. In a separate application report we will inform you in short-term about the technical and commercial advantages of fiber lasers for these kind of application areas.

Advantages of single emitter Diode Lasers

- real compact design and simple integration
- simple pumping with electricity
- high electrical/ optical efficiency
- maintenance-free
- no open optics
- air cooled, water cooled as an option
- coupling and transport via fibers with converted outputs
- very long lifetime and no degradation in comparison to diode bars
- low investment and longtime warranty.