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Intersil Video Filter Extends Battery Life, Lowers System Cost for Handheld Devices

A new 9MHz, dual-channel, low-pass filter that eliminates video glitch noise associated with the use of video DACs

(PresseBox) (Milpitas, California, USA, ) MILPITAS, CA, June 25, 2007 – Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductors, today introduced the ISL59118, a 9MHz, dual-channel, low-pass filter that eliminates video glitch noise associated with the use of video DACs. This device uses nearly 50% less bias current than it’s previous generation devices and stands out as the industry’s lowest power dual channel video filter and clamp.

Video DACs can be found in many applications from set-top boxes to handheld devices, such as phones and MP3 players that play video.

Operating from just 4.5mA of bias current the ISL59118 uses 10 times less current than some competitor products. The device is housed in an ultra-slim, micro-TQFN package and has a power-down state that consumes only 0.5 microamps when the amplifier is not in use. Industry-leading power savings, small size and cost effective integration makes the ISL59118 video filter ideal for popular battery-operated handheld video applications.

The ISL59118 is ideal for systems with either two composite video signal inputs or outputs. It can be used as an input anti-aliasing filter before an ADC to remove high frequency, non-image-forming noise from the signal before it is digitized.

As an output reconstruction filter, the ISL59118 can also be positioned after a DAC, where it smoothes out the digital output waveform that has been generated and removes glitches and noise. DACs are often not able to provide sufficient gain and output current to drive the video signal down a cable, or into a double terminated video load – a problem the ISL59118 helps eliminate.

The ISL59118 can also be used in newer portable video applications where a video input is provided to record, as well as a video output to drive a cable to an external display.

The ISL59118 has a supply voltage range from 2.5V to 3.6V - ideal for very low power battery-operated devices such as portable media players, cellular phones, PDAs, digital cameras and video recorders. Other applications include video amplifiers, cable set-top boxes, and HDTVs. For set-top boxes, this device removes the need for a redundant 5V supply rail.

The ISL59118 is available now in full production release.

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Pricing and Availability
The ISL59118 is housed in a 10-lead μTQFN package and is priced at $3.04 each in 1,000-unit quantities. More information on the ISL59118 is available at,1477,ISL59118,0.html.

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