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Intersil Releases High Bandwidth SMD Op Amps to Meet the Rugged Requirements of Military Applications

(PresseBox) (Milpitas, CA, ) Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductors, today announces the release of ten high bandwidth SMD op amps. These devices, certified to operate over the full military (-55ºC to +125ºC) temperature range, deliver high reliability and superior bandwidth performance for military avionics, navigations, weapons and control systems.

For design versatility, there are two families of products available. The first family includes three parts featuring fixed gain amplifiers. The 5962-0625501QHC delivers 350MHz bandwidth, while the 5962-0625601QHC and 5962-0625602QHC feature up to 1.4GHz of bandwidth. The wide bandwidths make the products ideal for general purpose applications with the potential to be used in several high reliability applications, such as software defined radios. The 5962-0625501QHC integrates the gain and series resistor to reduce gain error and save board space.

The second family is comprised of seven parts with variable gain amplifiers. The 5962-0623501QPC, 5962-0623502QPC, 5962-0623601QPC, 5962-0623602QPC, 5962-0721301QHC, 5962-0721302QHC and 5962-0721303QDC include dual and quad versions that save board space and also reduce the amount of decoupling caps required as the op amps share supply pins.

These parts feature bandwidth ranges from 500MHz to 670MHz, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

0.01% and 0.01 degrees of differential gain and phase respectively offer host equipment reliability due to a good rejection to change in output impedance and frequency response as DC levels change on the output. This functionality is required when driving a typical video load of 150Ω.

Additionally, both families share a number of market leading features and benefits, including enhanced tractability and obsolescence management. The parts offer full MIL-PRF-38535 traceability and change control conformance, plus Intersil’s extended obsolescence provisions (12 months +12 months). The devices are the only recently released, fully-DSCC (Defense Supply Center Columbus) compliant products.

The devices’ DSCC SMD certification means enhanced reliability. The devices are circuit verified for compliance with electromigration and current density specs to ensure reliability over life at extended temperatures.

Target applications for the devices are military avionics, weapons, navigation and control systems, homeland security field deployment, industrial controls and harsh environment industrial uses, such as down hole drilling.

Intersil’s SMD op amps are available in 8 lead SBDIP and 10 lead flatpack packages according to their functionality to meet the needs of different applications and manufacturing techniques.

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Intersil has a strong heritage of supplying memory, microprocessor peripherals and analog products to the Hi-Rel marketplace. For over 40 years, Intersil has continued to develop new SMD products offered in hermetic packaging for guaranteed performance over -55°C to +125°C. All Intersil’s SMD products are MIL-PREF-38535 compliant and are 100% burned in. To learn more about Intersil’s broad military and space portfolio, visit Intersil’s Military/Space page at