Intersil Introduces First Non-Volatile Families of DCPs with +125° Operating Temperature

Intersil's ISL223X6/224X6 and ISL223X9/224X9 Families Feature Excellent Temperature Coefficients to Meet Design Requirements Across Many Market Sectors

Milpitas, CA, (PresseBox) - Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: ISIL) today introduced two new families of 128-tap, non-volatile single, dual, and quad digitally controlled potentiometers (DCPs). These families of DCPs with SPI and I2C interfaces provide precision measurement and a wide operating temperature range for applications designed to function from -40°C to +125°C.

The new families are comprised of 24 cost-effective devices ideal for calibrating system tolerances, controlling system parameters and for AC measurement or signal processing. These DCPs can tune or adjust values in portable or large systems, or can adjust brightness on LED and LCD displays.

Intersil’s new DCPs feature an excellent temperature coefficient, providing highly precise measurements and reducing resistance drifts in applications that experience temperature fluctuations. The devices are designed to operate over the full industrial temperature range, making them an excellent choice for industrial designs, automotive designs, medical instrumentation and many consumer electronics applications.

The devices are reliable and flexible, and can be used in any application that requires an adjustment within the voltage range of 0V to 5V allowing for flexibility in analog circuit designs with cost-efficient solutions.

All members of Intersil’s new DCP families feature a combination of resistor elements and CMOS switches, and each operates with a voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V. Wiper position is controlled by the user through either an SPI serial interface or I2C interface.

Single, Dual, and Quad Versions
Intersil’s ISL223X6 (I2C) and ISL224X6 (SPI) include single, dual and quad versions integrated with non-volatile memory. They are designed for use either as voltage dividers or as variable resistors since they can be used as 3-terminal potentiometers or as 2-terminal variable resistors. Unlike a rail-to-rail DAC, or the ISL223x9/ISL224x9 family, the voltage of these parts does not need to be fixed at GND and VDD. The ISL223X6 and ISL224X6 terminal voltages can be adjusted to any value between GND and VDD.

The ISL22316 and ISL22416 integrate a single DCP and non-volatile memory in a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit. The ISL22326 and ISL22426 dual versions integrate two DCPs with memory, while the quad ISL22346 and ISL22446 versions incorporate four DCPs with memory.

The ISL223X9 and ISL224X9 also include single, dual and quad versions. In all of these devices, the VH is connected to VDD and the VL is connected to GND, providing a voltage divider solution in a small package that requires only a minimal number of external components.

The single versions are the ISL22319 and ISL22419 with one DCP and non-volatile memory. The dual versions are the ISL22329 and ISL22429 with two DCPs and non-volatile memory. The quad versions include the ISL22349 and ISL22449, with four DCPs and non-volatile memory.

Intersil Corporation

Intersil offers a wide selection of low-to-high resolution digitally controlled potentiometers in single, dual and quad configurations. Available in both linear and non-linear tapers, these digital potentiometers replace mechanical potentiometers and trim resistors in applications where digital control allows microprocessor interfacing and extended functionality. DCPs are typically used for voltage reference trimming, equipment calibration and tuning, feedback loop control, and signal level control. To learn more about Intersil’s DCP portfolio, visit the Digitally Controlled Potentiometer site at

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