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6th Inca Onset bought by Stander SA to increase production

Stander SA, the communication services specialist in Leganes, Madrid, has purchased an Inca Onset, the world's fastest flatbed printer, to increase production throughput and offer a better service to its customers

(PresseBox) (Cambridge, ) Carlos Arroyo, Assistant Managing Director, at Stander, says "After installing this equipment in April, we wanted to print the first job immediately and we were positively surprised when the job was completed in only a few hours. We would have normally needed several days if using other digital technologies available in-house. The high quality and speed has allowed us to increase our productivity and our competitiveness."

Heather Kendle, director of marketing at Inca says, "With the recent introduction of the new bi-di modes the Onset's productivity has increased by over 25% allowing Onset owners to produce around 125 full size beds an hour."

Carlos Suchowolski from Digital Hires, the Inca distributor in Spain, added: "In the present market conditions, with a clear trend towards shorter runs in digital printing, the only way to succeed is to buy a flatbed printer like the Onset, which provides the highest performance in the market. This machine produces very high quality finished products. Furthermore, the Onset gives users the flexibility to choose a matt or gloss finish from the control panel to suit each application. The adhesion of the ink is excellent, even on difficult materials such as carton board, wood, plastics and metals. And the new bi-directional modes are an added bonus for our customers."

Stander offers a wide range of services from marketing advertising design to printing on a variety of substrates and installation. Stander's aim is to continuously improve production, productivity and quality. As soon as the company became aware of the Inca Onset, the company immediately identified the new opportunities the machine would bring and ordered the machine.

Suchowolski, says of the equipment: "The Onset allows printing on any type of sheet material, either rigid or flexible, with image size of up to 1,52 x 3,20 metres at an unmatched speed of more than 600 m2/h with the new bi-directional mode."

The Inca Onset's speed and quality is delivered by an astonishing array of 576 printheads addressing a total of 73,728 inkjet nozzles in easy plug-in Inca print bars, supported by innovative camera alignment systems and a vacuum bed with accurate pin registration. Inkjet printer quality is determined by inkjet nozzle performance and, while output from other printers can be affected by occasional nozzle failure, the Inca Onset has been designed with a high level of fault tolerance to ensure maximum print quality.

Easy to run by a single operator, the Onset includes a fully automatic load/unload system as standard, but is designed to allow users to move to manual mode within seconds if required for immediate fast proofing or production of single prints. Edge-to-edge printing allows images to be printed to bleed on substrates up to 10mm thick and up to 10kg at full speed, providing enormous flexibility in terms of what can be printed as well as the ability to proof a job on the material on which it will finally be produced.

Stander says that the Onset is the perfect resource to satisfy a production environment with short and medium runs to serve a market where the delivery terms are growing increasingly shorter and the quality becomes more critical. Stander is focused on continuous improvement, and will keep investing in leading edge technology to offer innovative printing and communication services to its customers.

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Inca Digital is one of the world's leading manufacturers of inkjet printing technology, today employing more than 160 people at its HQ in Cambridge, England. Highly innovative, the company developed the world's first large format flatbed inkjet printer in 2000 and is known for its market-leading Eagle, Spyder, and Columbia and high-speed Columbia Turbo printers. The world's fastest flat-bed printer, the Inca Onset, was launched in 2007.

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