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Employers urged to adopt environmentally-friendly recruitment policies

(PresseBox) (London, ) British business could slash CO2 emissions by up to 15 million tons a year by adopting environmentallyfriendly recruitment practices, an industry specialist said this week. Using the latest technology to aid recruitment, employers could eliminate the equivalent of 50 million car journeys and 17 million flights a year by saving on travel to interviews.

"With 3.6m people in Britain expected to change jobs this year, any opportunity to reduce travel during the recruitment process can have a significant impact on environmental efforts," advised Will Barribal, recruitment specialist and chief executive of erecruitment software company In2Vista.

Using the in2View(tm) application, a revolutionary video and internetbased recruitment system, companies and recruitment consultants can now find the right employees faster and more efficiently by minimising the need for travel. The system can be explained in 3 easy steps:

Capture - Candidates are captured on video during their initial facetoface interview using a camera and a laptop or pc, equipped with the in2View(tm) application.

Collate - The video is then encoded and uploaded in seconds, to a webbased application and automatically attached to the candidate's profile (including CV and evaluation documentation) on the client's database.

View - The video and candidate information is then available for decisionmakers to view securely, via the web. Allowing recruiters to share comments and take decisions in real time, wherever their clients may be in the world.

"One of the great benefits of the system is that companies are able to shortlist candidates much more quickly without the need for multiple interviews and travel," said Will. "With companies such as HAYS, Erinaceous, PepsiCo, IKEA, Tarmac and Barclays using the solution, this technology should be of interest to every major organisation with an environmental conscience."

A carbon calculator designed to demonstrate how businesses can cut CO2 emissions can be found at

- 18% of the 20m people in employment will change jobs this year.

CIPD Annual Survey;
- 70% of all job moves will be domestic and 30% international;
- Each international search requires 8 longhaul flights of 6,000 miles and 8 shorthaul flights of 1,000 miles;
- Each domestic assignment requires 20 road trips of 200 miles
- Each road trip of 200 miles will use 7.94 gallons assuming 25.2mpg efficiency.;
- CO2 emitted on a short flight is .185kg/mile;
- CO2 emitted on a long flight is .165kg/mile;
- CO2 emitted on a road trip is 8.87kg/gallon;
- 1 kilogram = .00110231131 short tons.


in2View(tm) is an easytouse, video interviewing system that creates, collates and distributes the critical information that drives every recruitment decision, supplementing traditional methods with streaming video clips of candidates in real interviews.

in2View(tm) shortens the time and effort needed to identify the most relevant candidates, taking the guesswork out of selection and accelerating key hiring decisions. The software is compatible with leading HR, recruitment and talent management applications, providing a highly costeffective and value added addition to existing technology.