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Imtech partner in first European test of new traffic technology

(PresseBox) (Gouda, ) Imtech (technical services provider in Europe) will today carry out an initial European test with ERICTO-ITS Europe, the Municipality of Helmond, TNO and Logica using an innovative new traffic technology for high-tech communication between vehicles and between vehicles and existing technical traffic systems. Imtech is represented by Peek Traffic (Imtech Infra), the Imtech mobility specialist.

The test will try out innovative new applications and services developed as part of the projects called 'Co-operative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems' (CVIS) and 'Co-operative Systems for Road Safety' (SAFESPOT). These two pan-European research initiatives sponsored by the European Union are being co-ordinated by ERICTO-ITS and Centro Ricerche FIAT of Italy.

Better mobility and fewer road traffic accidents

The purpose of the test is to demonstrate that new traffic technology enables new services to be offered to motorists, road hauliers and fleet managers. The vehicles and traffic infrastructure will generate and share real-time information about the immediate surroundings and other road users. This will enhance mobility (shorter delays, lower costs through fewer traffic jams, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions of polluting substances) and improve road safety (fewer accidents).

Objectives of CVIS and SAFESPOT

The objective of CVIS is to design, develop and test a communication platform that allows vehicles to communicate with each other and with nearby roadside systems (i.e. existing traffic technology already installed alongside, below or above the road surface). The CVIS platform provides interfaces for mobile communication over short and long distances, innovative localisation capabilities and support for software management. The SAFESPOT project is studying how inter-working between intelligent vehicles and intelligent infrastructures can help avoid road traffic accidents by identifying potentially dangerous situations early on and alerting drivers to them.

Imtech: partner in CVIS and SAFESPOT

TNO and Logica are the test site leaders in the Netherlands for the SAFESPOT and CVIS technologies and applications, respectively. TNO is focusing on research into vehicle systems and user behaviour. Logica is concentrating on the support centre needed for data communication and on developing and integrating new applications for it. Imtech (Peek Traffic) is a partner in both projects, with a focus on the co-operative roadside systems in combination with existing traffic systems like traffic lights and motorway information boards. The test site is located at Helmond. The Helmond region is one of the Netherlands' mobility hotspots where the government and business community are co-operating with each other closely. Imtech regards this European test as a good stepping stone towards future implementation of similar technologies in and around countless European cities.

Imtech Contracting GmbH

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