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Imtech Acquires German BMS

Further strengthening of partnership with IBM

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) Imtech (technical services provider in Europe) announces the acquisition of all the equity of the German company BMS Systems IT Solutions. BMS is a strong contender in the IBM software field in the Frankfurt region of Germany. With 25 IBM specialists, BMS attained a turnover of about 6 million euro in 2006. The acquisition will make an immediate contribution to the profit per share.

René van der Bruggen, Chairman of the Board of Management of Imtech says: ´With the acquisition of BMS, Imtech further strengthens its partnership with IBM. BMS has a margin of about 10 percent, which makes a good contribution to the profit per share. Integration of the fast-growing company BMS into our ICT company, Fritz und Macziol, makes further growth in the German ICT market possible. The complete IBM portfolio can now be offered in the Frankfurt region.´

Imtech Strategy Imtech combines electrical engineering, ICT (information and communication technology) and mechanical engineering into total solutions. The importance of information and communication technology in this is increasing rapidly. With increasing frequency, Imtech´s total technological solutions are dominated by Business Intelligence and co-ordinating ICT applications. Because Imtech wants a strategic role at the centre of primary and secondary processes in buildings, industry, ships and infrastructure, partnership with international market leaders such as IBM is important to Imtech´s further growth and development. The acquisition of the German IBM partner BMS fits in excellently with this strategic framework, the more so because Imtech, at the end of July 2006, acquired Fritz und Macziol, a strong contender in the German ICT sector and partner of (among others) IBM. BMS will eventually act within Fritz und Macziol as a region in its own right.

BMS Profile BMS Systems IT Solutions is located in the German town of Obertshausen, near Frankfurt. As a partner of IBM, BMS specialises in software development, service and software licenses. Among other things, this involves IBM Group Ware (including Lotus Notes), IBM Websphere, IBM Middleware and IBM Content Management. BMS counts 80 medium-size businesses (i.e. with over 250 employees) among its customers and has grown rapidly over recent years. Now it is approaching the limits of growth in its present form, and the merger with Imtech and the German company Fritz und Macziol offers the best possibilities for the future.

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