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Imperial and DB Netze sign an agreement covering the railway sidings at Wallersdorf

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) DB Netz AG, Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH and the property investor DIBAG Industriebau AG are supporting the BMW Group as it switches its transport operations away from trucks to rail services. An infrastructure follow-up agreement forms the basis for this, which Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH and DB Netz AG signed during the “transport logistic” specialist trade fair on 11 May.  

The agreement sorts out the responsibilities and obligations in conjunction with operating new railway sidings on the site of the BMW Group’s spare parts warehouse in Wallersdorf (Dingolfing-Landau Rural District), which was opened last year, and an electronic signal-box in Landau. The sidings are being planned and financed by DIBAG. Imperial will use them. The logistics company is managing 178,000 square metres, the lion’s share of the BMW spare parts warehouse, which measures 208,000 square metres. Its range of services includes incoming goods, storage, picking, packing and outgoing goods.

The sidings being relocated by DB Netz AG will connect the BMW spare parts warehouse to the route network operated by DB Netz AG on two sides and link it to the line that runs between Landshut and Plattling. In addition, the train operating system requested by the BMW Group requires a new electronic signal-box, which DB Netz is currently building in Landau. The electronic signal-box will enable far more train operations at the sidings. The tracks and signal-box are due to go into service at the beginning of September this year after a construction period lasting more than two years. Once the system is operating, as many as four trains a day are due to travel from the BMW Group’s largest spare parts warehouse in the world at Wallersdorf to the port of loading and back. The project involving the switch in the means of transport will mean about 17,500 fewer truck journeys and therefore a reduction in emissions of 88 tonnes of CO2 every year.


Thomas Grupp, Head of Central Spare Parts Sales in the BMW Group: “We’re delighted that our parts warehouse in Wallersdorf is now being connected to the main network of routes operated by DB Netz AG, as planned. The sidings and the associated switch in the means of transport to rail services will significantly reduce the volume of truck traffic and therefore CO2 emissions.”

Stefan Kühn, Head of Sales and Timetable, Southern Regional Area, DB Netz AG: “We’re pleased that BMW is relying on the safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable mobility of the rail transport chain by making use of further sidings.”

Christian Seidl, Director Automotive/Western Europe at Imperial: “When the warehouse is working at full capacity, as many as 100 freight containers will leave the parts centre heading for the port of loading every day. Thanks to the new sidings, we can load the container consignments on to railway wagons inside the building. The logistics sector has once again proven that it can make tangible contributions to easing the pressure on traffic and the environment through projects that involve a change in the mode of transport being used.”

DB Netz AG

DB Netz AG is a railway infrastructure company at Deutsche Bahn AG and is responsible for the route network, which is almost 33,300 kilometres long. This means that DB Netz AG is the largest European railway infrastructure operator. As an innovative and forward-looking company, DB Netz creates all the conditions to enable safe, environmentally-friendly and sustainable mobility. The company therefore bears the responsibility for the modern railway network in Germany.

IMPERIAL Logistics International B.V. & Co. KG

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African company Imperial Holdings Limited, Imperial Logistics International is responsible for coordinating and managing all the international logistics business of Imperial Holdings Limited outside Africa. The varied portfolio of services at Imperial Logistics International, which has its headquarters in Duisburg, is separated into two divisions: the Group pools all its transport services in the Shipping, Road and Express Freight business units in the Imperial Transport Solutions division. The Imperial Supply Chain Solutions division covers all the services in the contract logistics, contract manufacturing and warehousing sectors for the Automotive, Industrial, Retail and Chemicals business units. Working together, both divisions provide a full and transparent range of services from one source along the complete supply chain. Beyond its pure logistics services, Imperial Logistics International has also become established as a process consultant for third parties, a fleet manager for outside car fleets and a provider of insurance services related to particular sectors. Imperial Logistics International employs more than 8,300 people and, including the new acquisition, Palletways, generates turnover amounting to EUR 1.6 billion at 170 business locations.