Timing measurement according to ISO 15781

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Beginning of 2013 the publication of the new ISO 15781 standard was published. It describes how to measure shutter release time lag, shooting time lag, shooting rate, and start up time. Since Image Engineering is part of the ISO group that developed this standard we know what it looks like and have designed a "Timing Measurement Kit according to ISO 15781" to meet the ISO requirements.

This system consists of an AF-Box suitable for our A1066 charts with a TE261 slanted edge focus chart, two LED-Panels and the DIGITUS, our "automated possibility" for pressing the exposure button.

The reason why two LED-Panels are used is that for focal plane shutters the measured value depends on the direction of the shutter in combination with the position of the LED-Panel. To avoid this problem the LED-Panels are positioned in the two opposite corners of the chart. So no matter if the shutter moves from top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, or right to left one of the panels always catches the first instant of exposure.


Wouldn't it be a good idea to be able to implement even the timing measurements in an automated test procedure? This is the reason why we have given our LED-Panel an interface that can be remote controlled from a PC. Through a standard USB port the different operation modes of the LED-Panel can be selected. Shutter and shooting time lag with adjusting the LED frequency can be activated as well as the display refresh mode and the continuous mode for exposure time and frame rate measurements. Of course the rolling shutter mode with its 10 LED rows moving simultaneously can also be selected through the command line API interface. The downside of using USB with the LED-Panel is that due to controller limitations the maximum speed is limited to 200 μm (5 kHz). Therefore we have implemented a switch that allows switching the USB connection on and off. Switching the USB off allows controlling the device from the front panel to achieve the 100 kHz LED speed known from the last version of the LED-Panel. So you have the choice to operate the device in USB or non-USB mode.

In addition to that the new LED-Panel consists of various new operating modes. The direction of the LED operation can be changed, Single selectable LEDs can be switched on via USB and all LEDs can be switched on. Also the DIGITUS can be operated from the LED-Panel.


The DIGITUS v2 is basically the same as the former version. Since many mobile devices start the exposure process upon releasing the exposure button instead of pressing it, we have added a second signal output to the switch of the DIGITUS with an inverted signal.

In order to fix the DIGITUS on the camera stand, it comes with a universal plate system that goes between the camera and the stand utilizing the tripod connector. We also switched to 12V operation. Last but not least, a touch pin to operate the cameras in mobile devices or tablet computers is part of the package.

And due to lower material costs and an optimized manufacturing process, we can actually offer it 50% cheaper!

Single and kit prices*:

- LED-Panel v3: 1100,00 €
- DIGITUS v2: 1250,00 €
- LED-Panel - DIGITUS Bundle: 2000,00 €
- Timing Measurement Kit according to ISO 15781: 5000,00 €
(AF-Box with TE261 Chart, 2x LED-Panels v3, DIGITUS v2)

*All prices are net prices.
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