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In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams: Marc Steichen Presented Exhibition according to Zone System

ILFORD Galerie Mono Silk enables perfect black and white display

(PresseBox) (Bergisch Gladbach/Germany, ) Ilford, traditional brand in the market of photography, was chosen by Marc Steichen for his exhibition(Colmar-Berg/Luxembourg, October 3rd to 8th). Marc used Ilford's premium paper Ilford Galerie Mono Silk which enables prefect black and white display.

Backgroundinformation: Ilford Masters

Marc Steichen belongs to the fourteen Ilford Masters world wide. These renowned photographers present their art work predominantly using Ilford Galerie media (

Exhibition and Zone System

"The Nature, from black to white" showed a collection of nature photographs in black and white. Marc's motivation to show nature in black and white was easily found: a recent journey to the Yosemite National Park gave him the chance to rediscover the extraordinary photography of Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams was a master of landscape photography. His most famous achievement for modern photography is the "zone system" developed in the 1930s. This technique allows to exactly plan the light exposure of photographic emulsions in order to control the contrast of the photographed scenes.

Photographic emulsions enable to correctly display all eleven apertures. Therefore Ansel Adams classified the windows into eleven zones (from 0 to X), in which zone 0 stands for absolute black, zone X for pure white. Zone V stands for neutral mid-gray. Despite its origin from the analog film photography the zone system still is a helpful tool for ideal exposure of scenes.

To reproduce the richness of sounds and the contrasts of nature the exhibition presented photos of feral animals in their natural biotopes with dominating shades of gray from all zones.

Marc's goal for this exhibition is to combine black and white photography with modern digital nature and wildlife photography.

The artist was pleased to present his art work using Ilford Galerie Gold Mono Silk. This paper is well-suited to ideally present black and white photographies: from deep black from zone 0 up to pure white in zone X.

The surface of Ilford Galerie Mono Silk is very similar to the silver halide paper from the analog era in terms of impression and haptics.

About Marc Steichen

Marc Steichen, born in 1979, is a nature photographer based in Luxembourg. He grew up on the Luxembourgish countryside and used to live close to nature from his childhood on. The large forests and prairies inspired him from the the age of fifteen leaving him dedicated to photography. Since 2004, he is a member of the Luxembourgish nature photographers association (LNF) and has been recently elected President of the LNF.

He has been awarded in major international nature photography competitions, like the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year (UK), the GDT European Wildlifephotographer of the Year (D),the ASFERICO Concorso Internazionale di Fotografia Naturalistica (I) and the Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards (USA). He was awarded the Grand Prix winner of the AFPAN Concours International de Photo Nature de Montier-en-Der (F) in 2011 and the All-Over Winner of the Glanzlichter nature photography contest (D) in 2013.

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