Icinga Version 1.4 Released

Nürnberg, (PresseBox) - Open source monitoring solution and Nagios fork, Icinga released version 1.4 for download today in celebration of their 2nd birthday. New features abound in the two user interfaces as Icinga 1.4 lays the foundation for future releases.

Of all the enhancements, version 1.4 is noteworthy in its development of the Icinga Classic user interface (UI) to be faster and user friendlier. This includes a new log file search tool with regular expressions and wildcard capabilities, simplifying troubleshooting and problem identification. On the performance side, data access has been accelerated with the addition of JSON output alongside the CGIs. To further improve front end user convenience, a tactical overview has also been added as a fixed toolbar to each window. All these features now bring the Classic UI up to speed with the new Icinga Web.

The new Icinga Web also boasts new features such as a global refresh of all tabs and views and a full screen mode. It is now even more customizable, with log panel configuration in the front end and the option to determine the length of time plugin output is displayed in individualized Cronk views.

Icinga Classic UI and Core Developer, Ricardo Bartels explained the importance maintaining two user interfaces for Icinga: "Many in the Icinga user community use the Classic UI- either out of familiarity, or because community plugins and addons were made with the traditional interface in mind. That's why we intend to maintain and continue development on the Classic UI alongside the new Icinga Web, to make it just as fast and user friendly."

In the Icinga Core, IDOUtils and API, version 1.4 provided an opportunity to prepare for greater enhancements to come. "This release we have focused on further optimizing database connectivity to set the stage for version 1.5", said Bernd Erk, Icinga Co-Founder and Project Organiser.

Such improvements are also reflected in Icinga Docs, with additional documentation on upgrading the IDOUtils database and developing individualized Cronks for the new Icinga Web. Moreover, how-to guides on distributed monitoring with NSCA and NRPE installation and configuration for Unix are also now available.

With this release, Icinga also celebrates its 2nd birthday as a budding open source project. Marius Hein, Icinga Co-founder and Web/API Developer reflected: "As we release version 1.4, we can look back proudly on our progress. Just hearing from all the individuals and organisations that use our software has made the hard work of the last two years worthwhile. We can't thank the community enough, for their ideas, feedback and support."

For more information, the Icinga project is found at: www.icinga.org

Icinga c/o NETWAYS GmbH

Icinga is an enterprise grade open source monitoring system which keeps watch over a network and any conceivable network resource, notifies the user of errors and recoveries, and generates performance data for reporting. Scalable and extensible, Icinga can monitor complex, large environments across dispersed locations. Icinga is a fork of Nagios and is backward compatible.

Though Icinga retains all the existing features of its predecessor, it builds on them to add many long awaited patches and features requested by the user community. This has culminated in standout features such as PostgreSQL and Oracle database support, improved extensibility through robust web, data access and plugin APIs as well as a user-friendly, dynamic web interface.

Icinga 1.4 Change Log

Classic UI
- Search function implemented in the Icinga log file via web interface
- 'Need for comment' enforced for action taken in cmd.cg
- Downtime comment now shown in host details
- cmd.cgi submissions store in log
- Json output added
- Config option to set start of week (Sunday/Monday) added
- Host/service dependencies display in host/service details in extinfo.cgi
- Searching for host display_name normal and via regexp enabled
- top.html replaced with alternative CGI driven view

- Full screen mode implemented
- apache conf.d now automatically detected during configuration
- Global refresh for all tabs in Icinga Web
- Log panel now configurable
- Check output length now configurable in Cronk views

- New 'module' as object config, allowing cfg_dir usage loading multiple modules without touching broker_module in icinga.cfg
- --with-ext-cmd-file-dir= added to configure, allowing icinga.cmd dir to be altered
- Make option to install doxygen development docu added
- Downtime delete commands made "distributable" (Opsview team)
- Re-allow perfdata with empty results being put on perfdata channel, disable via opt-in cfg option

- DB socket as config option added in ido2db.cfg for MySQL and PostgreSQL
- Housekeeping cycle reduced
- IDOmod: larger buffer size
- Oracle: Data, index and lobs segments separated into different table spaces while creating schema objects
- Oracle: New script for creating Icinga DB user and rights
- New schema version introduced and checked against instead of program version

- API now returns UTF-8 encoded results for better compatibility with Icinga Web and PHP functions like json_encode
- Icinga API now allows full SID support for Oracle

For more details and the full change log see:

Icinga Wiki



Icinga Project Roadmap


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