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Big market presence in 2014. HBZ Trunnion proves its performance and efficiency live at exhibitions worldwide

(PresseBox) (Baienfurt, ) The HBZ Trunnion from Handtmann completes the HBZ product line (5-axis HPC horizontal machining centres) as a new series for productive machining across a wide range of applications in aluminium, steel and titanium on workpieces up to 850 mm, 1,300 mm and 1,700 mm diameter. The main features of the machines are the double drive system and clamping on both sides of the NC-rotary-swivel-table, the 5-axis horizontal machining capability and an outstanding rigid machine design. Handtmann will show the HBZ Trunnion live in chosen markets at exhibitions in 2014.

Some machines from Handtmann's new machine series are in the production at customers as the HBZ Trunnion demonstrates its capabilities and applicability in the aerospace, automotive and mould and die industries.

The machine concept is especially impressive in that one machine can cover a wide range of machining applications in workpieces with different sizes, weights and materials. The HBZ Trunnion is also intended for complex parts with deep pockets and cavities, which is also reflected in its chip management.

The HBZ Trunnion already succeeded in reducing the machining times achieved on competitors' machines. This comes from the combination of a number of key features of the machine, such a reducing machining to a single setup, the horizontal machining aspect and rigid machine design as well as the high performance spindles.

As with all of its machining centres, Handtmann can offer high-value customer specific turnkey solutions based around the HBZ Trunnion.

Overall, the HBZ Trunnion product line enables high-performance machining with high material removal rates resulting in reduced lead times and therefore reduced costs per part in aluminium, steel and titanium.

This year Handtmann will present the HBZ Trunnion series live at six exhibitions on different markets. The HBZ TR 80 at the INDUSTRIE in Paris, France will demonstrate the machining of the Pelton Bucket (steel) with a strong torque-speed spindle with max. 200 Nm and 18,000 rpm. TECHNI SHOW in Utrecht, the Netherlands, MACH in Birmingham, England and METALLOOBRABOTIKA in Moscow, Russia will serve as a platform for the demonstration of high material removal rates. Visitors will see the single setup five axis machining of an aluminium workpiece from which 97% of the material is removed in just 14 minutes using a powerful high torque 81 kW spindle at speeds up to 30,000 rpm.

All machines on show achieve accelerations of the X-Y-Z axis of 10m/s² and travel speed of the X-Y-Z axis of 60m/min. In September Handtmann will exhibit at IMTS in Chicago, USA and at AMB in Stuttgart, Germany. At IMTS it will focus on the HBZ TR 80 and the HBZ TR 120. AMB will be the public premiere the HBZ TR 80 T (HBZ Trunnion with turning option).

This programme of live public demonstrations will allow potential customers to experience for themselves the variety of HPC-applications in titanium, steel and aluminium.