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Specialty Injectable Drugs Set to Become $85 Billion Global Market

Growth Dependent on Four Core Therapeutic Segments which account for 75% of the Market according To Greystone Research Associates

(PresseBox) (Amherst, NH, ) The total global market for specialty injectables currently sits at $85 billion and will exceed $110 billion in 2020, according to Greystone Research Associates. The majority of growth will come from drug-device combination products. The market will continue to be driven by four therapeutic segments - autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hormone replacement, anemia and neutropenia. A fifth market - oncology - will also come into play.

Oncology drugs represent the most active pharmaceutical segment in terms of drug candidate development activity. As oncology drugs continue to evolve in sophistication, the number of antibodies and other targeted treatments for treating various forms of cancer that reach the market as injectables will increase, while the majority of the remainder will migrate from intravenous delivery to injectable dosage forms within 36 months of market launch. These drugs will offset the revenue erosion expected to occur due to pricing pressures from biosimilars in the four core specialty injectables segments, and drive total specialty injectable drug growth higher.

Detailed analysis of specialty injectable drugs, therapeutic sectors, and participants is included in a new and comprehensive report. Injectable Drug Delivery to 2020, researched and written by Greystone Research, analyzes specialty injectables across eleven major therapeutic drug segments, assesses market risks and opportunities, examines regulatory and market factors and profiles market participants.

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