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Engineered Drug Coatings Expanding the Therapeutic Envelope for Treating Chronic Diseases

Greystone Research Associates Analyzes Coating Platforms, Therapeutic Targets, Market Drivers and the Competitive Landscape

(PresseBox) (Amherst, ) Advances in coating technology have given rise to a new generation of coating formulations that can reliably deliver therapeutic substances from the surface of an implanted medical device. In currently approved products, these devices provide a primary function, with the drug contributing therapeutic benefit that improves patient outcomes.

Currently more than two dozen companies are pursuing specialty coatings capable of delivering a range of drugs for treating refractory conditions. These participants are exploring a number of new and innovative approaches that include novel substrate geometries designed for the dual purpose of device integrity and drug delivery. Development efforts include new classes of drugs and novel coating application technologies and strategies.

We expect this trend to continue as competitors attempt to broaden their portfolio of technology offerings to accommodate the application needs of highly specific and evolving therapeutic protocols. In this environment, strategic relationships between and among drug, device and coating companies will continue to be an essential element of success.

These findings are contained in a new report, Engineered Drug Coatings and Coated Device Drug Delivery to 2018: Evolving Technology, Emerging Opportunities, written and researched by Greystone Research Associates. The report is designed to provide readers with a detailed understanding of enabling technologies, candidate devices, market participants and commercial prospects.

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