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Handling system vendors must also be one-stop suppliers to be attractive

An established and renowned US tradename manufacturer is offering solutions for handling systems which with its innovative products can sustainably increase the market potential of European companies in the future

(PresseBox) (Baunatal, ) The unique product portfolio of the globally renowned tradename manufacturer Gorbel is a perfect match for the European market as Gorbel continues to introduce innovative and client-orientated products. Most recently balancers with the patented "Easy Arm® Design" which increases flexibility in terms of load-bearing and span, as well as the brand new "G-Force® Design" which is available in varying load capacities of 75, 150, and 300 kg. The ease of operation is unique on the market and the technology can be applied in all manufacturing and logistic processes.

Gorbel's success is due to its strength in innovation, consistent high quality and an intensive orientation towards the application of technology. The wide product range comprises intuitively controlled balancers as well as aluminium track systems, modular, adaptable load-bearers and workstation jibs and/or cranes. Sophisticated constructions which are easy to operate and can be comfortably installed, emphasize the competence of the American manufacturers. Gorbel's clients in the home market make the most exacting demands on their own products and processes. They require the best mounting and handling technology and nothing less.

Gorbel goes Europe

Now the tradename manufacturer has decided to place its quality products on the European market. The new products are interesting for suppliers of handling technology as this is about transferring quality and knowledge in regard of client satisfaction and the economics of work processes, as well as the ergonomics of balancer handling operations.

Not single-handedly but together with strong regional suppliers of customized manipulators, who know the country-specific characteristics very well and wish to jointly create a high level of quality such as have been maintained for a long time now in the USA and Asia. Gorbel will support its partners with products and training programs which have a proven track record covering over three decades and are continuously updated. The future European partners for balancer handling technology will, thanks to Gorbel, be equipped to offer their clients a one-stop supply solution and competently place themselves in a much stronger position in their home markets by virtue of this unique quality.

The US producer of top class handling and load-bearing systems will not apply an elimination strategy, but one of partnership in ten European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria). Gorbel has therefore consciously selected countries in which handling technology has already reached a high standard which matches its own products. And the cooperation should also match. To this end a clear profile of requirements was created which will allow companies seeking a partnership to make an advance review. From among the applicants the strategically best partner in each country will be selected as an exclusive GORBEL EUROPE partner with effect from the beginning of 2010.

Thus a transparency is created in the market which aims at the success of all the players. And here a pre-requisite of success is a clear client orientation. In each individual European country it is the Gorbel partner who will have direct contact to the client companies. It is the partner's duty to individualize the products, as he will adapt the handles and manipulators to the clients' requirements and usage. Such concentration on core business increases profitability and promotes cooperation towards the best solutions for handling systems for demanding clients.

Qualification of national competencies at international level

An unequivocal win-win situation in which there are only advantages: Gorbel is looking for partners who can meet special demands. This are set deliberately high. The detailed documents necessary for the application to be a strategic partner can be downloaded from A corresponding catalog of criteria is also available from the site for interested companies.

Gorbel's strong partners in each country should concentrate 100% on the clients and their requirements. In addition to perfect product knowledge there can be no language barriers whatsoever. That ensures success where qualified handling solutions must be created together with clients. In order to take advantage of this chance companies can apply to become exclusive Gorbel partners. This is a possibility for companies to achieve a unique market position without taking on extra risks. It is a business model hitherto unknown in Europe.

The tender period for applications has begun. Europe eagerly awaits the tradename manufacturers products, and to learn with which companies the American manufacturer will partner up in the different countries.