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Goldhofer vehicles are in operation worldwide

(PresseBox) (Memmingen, ) A special type of transportation was carried out by the heavy-duty hauler Tranzcarr in New Zealand. A turbine weighing 377 tons had to be transported from Auckland to Huntley over a distance of 100 km. The total transportation took 5 nights and was a really difficult job. The turbine measured 10 m in length and 5.8 m in height. Fourteen (14) arch bridges had to be passed over. The vertical clearance was 6.8 m and it was here that the problems came up, because firstly the bridges had a very low vertical clearance and secondly the carrying capacity of the bridges was not sufficient. Reinforcements had to be installed which still sacrificed precious centimetres from the vertical clearance.

„Our existing transport vehicle needs a load distribution frame for such a heavy load“, said Dave Carr, (Owner of Tranzcarr). „This would however mean that we will exceed the prescribed total height of 6.8 m“. So, the company invested in the new vehicle technology of Goldhofer and purchased a heavy-duty combination type THP/UT.

The particularity of this vehicle is its high-strength vehicle frame and low loading height. „This enables us to do the job without a distribution frame and to obtain a loading height below 800 mm“, reported Dave Carr enthusiastically about the Goldhofer technology.

The trailers used were a Goldhofer heavy duty combination system consisting of two 16 axle trailers type THP/UT, coupled side by side. This generation of vehicles features a very high-strength vehicle frame which enables to equally distribute the 377 tons over the 32 axles.