Limitless film converting: GOEBEL with a world first at K 2013, Hall 3 Booth B73

Darmstadt, (PresseBox) - GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH will be presenting its trade fair highlight of this year under the motto "More productive, wider and faster". The MONOSLIT GIANT proves that GOEBEL knows no limits when it comes to manufacturing customised machine equipment. Boasting an impressive working width of 12,000 mm, which can convert film webs at speeds of up to 1,500 m/min, this absolute world first will be presented in Hall 3 Booth B73.

Keep your eyes open - getting ahead with Goebel

After developing the MONOSLIT, which converts stock reels up to a width of 9,000 mm on finished rolls with slitting widths of up to 300 mm, GOEBEL is now introducing the MONOSLIT GIANT, the widest and fastest slitter rewinder for films. As well as increasing production capacity, many machine components have been further developed to reduce changeover times considerably. A razor blade cartridge automatically exchanges the industrial blades used within a short space of time. The advantages of the film converter: greater safety, ease of operation and a considerable increase in productivity.

The GOEBEL XTRASLIT 2 is the new secondary machine with a broad application spectrum. It converts films, metallised films, cigarette films, flexible packaging materials and sensitive papers with working widths of up to 3,600 mm. This makes it possible to produce narrow cuts at 270 mm, or even narrower in special cases. Thanks to the modular design principle, many different equipment variants can be configured according to customer requirements.

The GOEBEL TWINWIND dual-shaft machine is a universally applicable machine for the converter. It converts flexible packaging materials, metallised and laminated films, and self-adhesive laminates. Areas of application include friction winding on two rewind shafts and direct winding on pneumatic expanding shafts.

Converters of metal films, compounds, technical papers and flexible packaging materials rely on the GOEBEL OPTIMA 2000. Thanks to its range of integrated rewind systems, it is able to convert almost any material up to a working width of 2,100 mm, and down to the narrowest slitting widths of 5 mm. GOEBEL set an important benchmark for the Korean market with a custom-built machine in January 2013: The widest slitter rewinder for aluminium foil from 9 μm thickness with an unwind weight of up to 14.5 t and a max. unwind diameter of up to 1,850 mm left the production halls in Darmstadt. It is the largest slitter rewinder ever built by GOEBEL.

Innovations at a glance

- GOEBEL MONOSLIT GIANT for converting packaging films with a width of 12,000 mm. Speed up to 1,500 m/min, unwind diameter up to 1,550 mm, rewind diameter up to 1,250 mm, min. slitting width to 300 mm.
- GOEBEL MONOSLIT for converting films made from a wide range of plastics with a working width of up to 9,000 mm, speed up to 1,500 m/min, unwind diameter up to 1,550 mm, rewind diameter up to 1,250 mm, min. slitting width to 300 mm.
- GOEBEL XTRASLIT II rewinds and slits packaging films, e.g. PVC, PE, CPP, BOPA, as well as compounds and even sensitive papers with a working width of up to 3,600 mm. Speed up to 1,200m/min, unwind diameter up to 2,000 mm, rewind diameter up to 1,250 mm, minimum slitting width to 270 mm, or narrower in special cases.
 TWINWIND for converting flexible packaging materials up to a working width of 2,100 mm, speed up to 800 m/min, unwind diameter up to 1,500 mm, rewind diameter up to 800 mm, minimum slitting width up to 30 mm.
- GOEBEL OPTIMA 2000 for premium converting of plastic and metal films from 5 μm. Working width up to 2,100 mm, speed up to 800 mm/min, unwind diameter up to 1,850 mm, rewind diameter up to 800 mm, minimum slitting width 5 mm.

Visit GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH at the plastics trade fair K 2013 from 16th - 23rd October in Düsseldorf! Hall 3, Booth B73. Press conference 18th October 2013, 4:30 pm.

Goebel Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH

GOEBEL – a company with a vision

GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme GmbH is a leading provider of slitter rewinders for converting papers, plastic films and flexible packaging materials. The range of products includes two-drum winders for paper and cardboard converting, fully automatic machines for manufacturing narrow rolls and the latest equipment for film converting. For more than 160 years, GOEBEL has demonstrated its expertise and know-how in slitting and winding. For all that time, the machines have been developed and built in Darmstadt according to individual customer requirements. They meet the highest standards in productivity, quality and precision. The company has belonged to the Italian mechanical engineering corporation IMS Deltamatic S.p.a. since 2013.

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