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Perfectly Weighed - GK/Retail Open Scale Enables Seamless Integration of Open PC Scales in Store IT Systems

(PresseBox) (Schöneck, ) GK SOFTWARE AG is presenting its GK/Retail Open Scale solution at the EuroSHOP in Düsseldorf for the very first time. The latest building block in the GK/Retail Business Suite has been developed for use on open PC scales and allows them to be seamlessly integrated in store IT systems. This opens up completely new opportunities for the retail sector in terms of flexibility and data quality. Operating costs can be cut at the same time, as the level of complexity in any store is reduced.

The new scale software from GK SOFTWARE AG marks a paradigm shift for all retail corporations that use scales at various places. As the new open software can be employed on any modern PC scales, regardless of the platform in use, the trade has an opportunity for the first time of using scales from different manufacturers alongside each other without having to supply several different systems with data or maintain them. At the same time, the tried and tested end-to-end communications channels within the GK/Retail Business Suite are available to them and this enables a real-time link to the central ERP system (e.g. SAP). This means that it is possible to upload and download master and transaction data with much greater ease and prices, sales promotions or parameters can be centrally managed for scales and tills. Alongside this, it is possible to introduce all-round digital signage concepts - e.g. for using customer monitors at scales and tills or other multimedia devices. With GK/Retail Open Scale, any scales are no longer an isolated feature, but become a fully integrated component in the store infrastructure.

Tried and Tested Technologies and Store Expertise The new Open Scale software is fully based on the technology platform within the GK/Retail Business Suite and uses the GK SOFTWARE AG expertise gained from successful store projects in more than 30 countries. The software can also be used as a pure scales application on typical operator scales - like self-service or sales scales. The software can master important functions like a change of scales during sales and will support all the processes needed on scales - e.g. pre-packing or stocktaking - as required. The partner involved in developing the system has been Bizerba, but the system provides support, in principle, for any open PC scales. A complete scenario ranging from mobile advertising to cashing in coupons and even paying at a POS will be jointly presented at the Bizerba booth (hall 7/E56) by Bizerba and valuephone. A QR code, which can be registered by a cell phone, is shown on the scale's customer display when the goods are weighed - depending on the item. This either provides the customer with a suitable recipe or a coupon, which can be redeemed immediately at a POS. As a result, any customer can obtain cooking instructions and a mobile coupon with a discount on a suitable sauce when weighing the meat for their main Sunday meal.

GK Software AG

GK SOFTWARE AG is one of the leading technology developers and providers of standard software for the retail sector in Europe and has an extensive range of products for stores and enterprise headquarters. As a result of its open software solutions in the GK/Retail Suite, which can be used with any platform and is fully programmed in Java, the company has established itself on the market as a leading provider of technology and innovations. The software provides ideal business organization for retail companies with many stores and therefore offers significant potential for cost savings and customer loyalty programs so that companies can increase their competitiveness.

The company employs 343 members of staff (figures for 30 September 2010) at company headquarters in Schöneck and four other business locations in Berlin, St. Ingbert, Plzen (CZ) and Basel/Riehen (CH). GK SOFTWARE AG can list well-known German and foreign retail companies among its customers, including Galeria Kaufhof, Parfümerie Douglas, Coop (Switzerland), EDEKA, Hornbach, JYSK Nordic, Lidl, Netto Marken-Discount, Thalia and Tchibo. The software is currently being used in more than 30 countries at 73,000 POS units in approx. 19,000 stores in Germany and abroad. The company has grown rapidly during the past few years and its sales revenues totaled EUR 23.3 million in 2009. GK SOFTWARE AG achieved EBIT of EUR 4.9 million (EBIT margin of 20.1% on total operating revenue). The two founders and Management Board members, Rainer Gläß (CEO) und Stephan Kronmüller (CTO), in conjunction with the Management Board members Ronald Scholz (COO) and André Hergert (CFO), have made GK SOFTWARE AG a profitable company with strong growth since 1990.

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