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Netto Marken-Discount to Equip the Former PLUS Stores with GK/Retail

(PresseBox) (Schöneck, ) Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG Kommanditgesellschaft will install GK/Retail as its standard software during the next few months at all the PLUS stores that it takes over. Netto will deploy the same GK/Retail modules currently used in all of their other retail outlets.

Once the PLUS retail outlets, which were formerly part of the Tengelmann Group, are taken over by the store network of Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG Kommanditgesellschaft, part of the EDEKA Group, the store IT equipment will be standardized. Over 2,500 PLUS stores will be equipped with the same GK/Retail configuration that is already successfully deployed at the Netto retail outlets.

The switch to touch tills with GK/Retail will have been completed by the middle of next year. Also new to the former PLUS stores is the use of the mobile merchandise management suite, GK/Retail Mobile, and GK/Retail Workflow. One particular challenge was to allow the company to continue to operate its existing older Point-of-Sale (POS) hardware, which will be expanded with touch screens in future. The stores will also be upgraded with automatic empties machines from various manufacturers which will be integrated into the new store infrastructure.

GK SOFTWARE AG has been providing store automation solutions to Netto since 2003. Netto was the first food retail store chain in Germany to introduce a chain-wide touch POS solution at the point of sale. The GK/Retail suite and store infrastructure is managed centrally with GK/Retail Enterprise Storemanager. Netto also uses the mobile merchandise management software, GK/Retail Mobile. The software, which can operate both on-line and off-line, enables merchandise management business processes at stores to be handled efficiently anywhere in the building. Netto also operates GK/Retail Workflow, the workflow software that allows the enterprise to distribute news and information to all its stores in real time.

GK Software AG

GK SOFTWARE AG is one of the leading developers and providers of standard software for the retail sector in Europe and it provides a comprehensive range of products for stores and enterprise headquarters. The company has established itself as a leading technology and innovation provider on the market by using the open software solutions provided by its GK/Retail suite, which can be operated on any hardware platform and is completely programmed using Java. The software allows store-based retail companies to have access to the best possible operating organization options and as a result they are able to exploit considerable potential for cost savings and increase customer loyalty in order to enhance their competitiveness.

The company currently employs 199 members of staff at its headquarters in Schöneck (D) and at four other business centers in Berlin, St. Ingbert, Plzen (CZ), and Basel/Riehen (CH) (figure on 30 September 2008). GK SOFTWARE AG has well-known German retailers as its customers, including Galeria Kaufhof, Parfümerie Douglas, Coop (Switzerland), ESCADA, EDEKA Hannover- Minden, Lidl, Netto Markendiscount and Tchibo. The company's software is currently being used in 24 countries at approx. 55,000 POS units in approx. 12,500 stores in Germany and abroad. The company has grown rapidly during the last few years and its sales in 2007 totaled € 10.75 million.

GK SOFTWARE AG generated EBIT of € 2.33 million (EBIT margin of 20% related to total operating performance). The two company founders and board members, Rainer Gläß (CEO) and Stephan Kronmüller (CTO), in conjunction with the other board members, Ronald Scholz (COO) und André Hergert (CFO), have made GK SOFTWARE AG a profitable company with strong growth.