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a+f receives further major "SunCarrier" order

GILDEMEISTER continues solar systems growth trend in Italy

(PresseBox) (Bielefeld, ) a+f GmbH has received a further major order for the construction of solar parks in southern Italy. This is a followup order from a German investor. The project has a total value of € 37.8 million. a+f thus continues its successful growth trend in Italy.

This major order includes the delivery of innovative "SunCarrier"systems, which will be built over an area of 31.5 hectares in Apulia (southern Italy).

"Italy is considered to be the sunshine country with extremely high radiation levels. The compensations are therefore particularly attractive in southern Italy," says Thomas Petsch, head of management of a+f GmbH, "due to the long lifetime and dependability of our SunCarrier, we achieve the highest possible reliability for our investors." Since its entry into the solar technology, a+f has installed solar plants in Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, India, China and Japan. In the future, a+f will also participate in the growing US American solar market. "This solar market is also very interesting for us and offers enormous potential," Petsch adds.

The Wurzburg company specialises in the development, planning, marketing, installation as well as in operation and service of solar plants. In implementing its international "SunCarrier" market strategy, a+f is able to take advantage of GILDEMEISTERs' worldwide comprehensive sales and service network.

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