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N.A.T. featuring now MTCA.4 - xTCA for Physics

(PresseBox) (Sankt Augustin, ) .A.T. simplifies the development of customized Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) and Rear Transition Modules (RTM) for MTCA.4 systems by providing the NAMC-EXT-RTM, an extender based on AMC format. MTCA.4 is the latest open standard initiated by physical institutes with applications such as particle physics. The usability of double or mid-size AMCs and RTMs increases the available board space by 4 times compared with a MTCA system consisting just of single, mid-size AMCs. N.A.T.'s NAMC-EXT-RTM-F and NAMC-EXTRTM-F-PS are passive extenders in double width for debugging MTCA.4 systems. The NAMC-EXT-RTM-R is the corresponding extender for debugging RTMs. The NAMC-EXT-RTM-F/-PS enables the user to access the double width AMC modules while the NAMC-EXT-RTM-R provides access to RTMs under test from both sides. The extenders support all fabrics as specified by the AMC.0 - AMC.4 and the additional I/O connector defined by the MicroTCA.4 specifications.

Key features are

- Easy signal access to the front and rear side of an AMC module from outside the chassis
- Voltage and current measurement of management and payload power
- Test points for soldering additional cables to measure all AMC signals
- Test points for JTAG interface

A further reason for migrating from ATCA market to MTCA.4 market is the availability of next generation switches with up to 30 Gb/s such as NAT-MCH PCIe Gen 3. N.A.T.'s powerful MCH supports both AMC modules with rear transition modules and control of separate cooling units for subrack cooling according to MTCA.4 RC 1.1. Thus MTCA.4 can now be considered for applications in the industrial automation market.

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Gesellschaft für Netzwerk- und Automatisierungs-Technologie mbH (N.A.T.)

N.A.T. offers a wide product range in data and telecommunication for industrial bus-standards and systems as AMC, µTCA, VMEbus, CompactPCI, PMC, PCI, PCI Express and many others. This product offering is completed by various software protocol stack solutions in the area of telecommunication and networking which are adapted to the different hardware platforms.