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AMC-Carrier for PMC Modules by N.A.T.

(PresseBox) (Sankt Augustin, ) N.A.T. presents the NAMC-PMC, an AMC-Carrier for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) modules. Applications can now benefit from the reliability and bandwidth of a MTCA system as well as from the cost efficiency and large variety of standard PMCs with low cost interfaces such as input/output (IO). The single-width, mid- or full-size Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) carries one PMC module and is compatible with MTCA systems modified with special card guides. Thus, it is an ideal product to migrate from cPCI or PMC based systems to the new and open standard MTCA.

Key features are:

- Usage of standard off-the-shelf PMC boards in MTCA environments
- Deployment of a rich variety of available PMC modules
- Extention of PMC product life cycle

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Gesellschaft für Netzwerk- und Automatisierungs-Technologie mbH (N.A.T.)

N.A.T. offers a wide product range in data and telecommunication for industrial bus-standards and systems as AMC, µTCA, VMEbus, CompactPCI, PMC, PCI, PCI Express and many others. This product offering is completed by various software protocol stack solutions in the area of telecommunication and networking which are adapted to the different hardware platforms.