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The advantages of Gericke's Easydos Pro controller for gravimetric feeding

(PresseBox) (Regensdorf, ) Manufacturer of continuous feeders do not offer only PLC based control solutions but also specific, dedicated controllers for gravimetric feeding equipment. The idea to use PLC control parts instead of supplier owned technologies may seem easy. From a financial and process point of view it is worth in most cases and more attractive to use the specific feeding controller of the manufacturers and to link them to the parent IT structure by using Ethernet/IP or bus protocol.

Gericke offers with EASYDOS Pro a controller that can be used flexibly and reliably in different feeding processes and is linked to its environment with powerful communication interfaces.

A feeding ensemble is embedded in upstream and downstream process stages. Their influence and interaction to the feeding equipment and control is considered during the design phase of a feeding installation. Modern control solutions, tailored as EASYDOS Pro for feeding applications are usually better configurable and easier to integrate than direct PLC solutions.

Easydos Pro can be used for loss-in-weight applications for feeders, belt scales and vibro feeders for continuous or batch operation.

EASYDOS Pro guarantees highest reliability and accuracy in an industrial environment by unique algorithms and a fast processor. It detects short-term external disturbances and a quick follow of start up and down ramps and the control of the refilling devices.

Applications and configurations can be downloaded from the PC. Programs and data can be saved on USB memory stick. The exporting of configuration data is generated in the widely spread XML file format.

The display data are all stored in a built-in flash memory. It enables the quick and easy change between preset parameters and allows a weighing system to be adapted to changes in the process environment. The availability of the control is maximum and independent of parent controls.

The case of the Easydos Pro is being protected from electromagnetic sources and meets sanitary requirements. For validated processes, the controller can be locked.

Gericke supplies complete feeding and mixing plants from its own design and manufacturing. Practical trials with feeding and mixing equipment can be carried out in one of Gericke's Test Centres.