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Great interest in the Powder Handling and Processing Seminar of Gericke

(PresseBox) (Regensdorf, ) The acquisition of systematic knowledge of particle properties and bulk material behaviour is a big topic in the research and practice. We would like to operate on the design of machines and equipment for bulk processes with scientific knowledge rather than empirical estimates.

This topic was a focus on the very well-attended Gericke Bulk Seminar in Regensdorf, Switzerland.

The numerous attendees from Europe and overseas followed all presentations and test units with great interest. Gericke has presented a device for measuring particle properties made by Freeman Technology. It provides within a short time a statement on the flow behaviour, the shear forces, fluidizing characteristics and other product data.

Followed by impressive practical demonstrations in the modern Test Centre, where micro feeding devices and continuous and batch mixers have been shown.

In continuous feed rates of less than 500 gr/h, the feeder DIW PE and EASYDOS Pro Controller showed their strengths. They are feeding at this low throughput even in industrial environments reliable and accurate.

The advantages of Gericke dense phase conveying systems, which are based on low product attrition and lower specific power consumption could be pursued with the monitoring of the pressure variation recorded with an inline data acquisition system and in the sight glasses of the conveyor line.

The real attraction was the Multiflux® Mixer GMS C whose impressive mixing tools are made of plain stainless steel. They are extractable and cantilevered. The GMS mixer is suitable for complete mixing of difficult recipes with minor ingredients in the range of per mill ratio, with low application of energy, a contribution to product and resource conservation. The mixing time is definitely less than 1 minute and can therefore produce more batches per hour within the same mixer volume (typically between 300-2800 litres). The retractable version is aimed at high-quality food processes, which search for good accessibility, inspectability and short cleaning times.

Many interesting discussions and exchange of experiences among experts and the excellent atmosphere among the participants led the seminar to a great success. For more information