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ATEX NEWS: GERICKE feeders category 1 /2 DG to be used in ATEX zones 1/21 with internal zone definition 0/21 available!

(PresseBox) (Regensdorf-Zurich, ) Gericke volumetric and gravimetric feeders are running on many, various applications worldwide.

To comply with ATEX regulations, Gericke has undertaken, on all its feeders, a security assessment and got the necessary certificates by notified bodies. Feeders and loss-in-weight feeders can now be delivered for zones 1/21 and 2/22 outside, thus designed as equipment category 2 or 3, and category 1 for internal zone 2/20. In other words, the powder or dust should contain a minimal ignition temperature > 200°C, a layer ignition temperature of > 210°C and a minimal ignition energy of > 1 mJ.

The marking can be, as an example: CE 0081 Ex II 1 /2 DG c IIC T 130°C

Please contact Gericke for further information for the integration of feeders, mixers or conveying systems as well as for the upgrade of existing equipment, according to regulation 94/9 CE.