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With Version 1.94 a new working time finds its way into TimePunch

Within the new working time model mandatory break times are becoming better managable / Therefore you have several posibilities

(PresseBox) (Bürstadt, ) You can now specify since which working time a break time is mandatory. In example you could say that since 6 hours working time it's mandatory to take a break of 30 minutes and since 9 hours working time a break of 60 minutes its obligatory. This break will now automatically decrease your working time at that day.

In order to get this new working time model implemented we had also to take care for break times which haven't been entered in TimePunch. These non entered break times are all time entries between two working time entries at the same day. They are all shown in a blue colored font in order to give you a better overview. But you can also hide them when deactivating the menu item "show breaks" in menu "View".

Information for your data migration:

Due to the new working time model, we had to update the existing working time models too. Therefore you should execute a month end closing up to the latest month in order to prevent the new calculation of the working time and overtime. After updating the data, you should verify your current working time model in order to be sure that the previous working time model have been migrated correctly to the new working time model.

Of course all TimePunch 1.9x licences as well as the timely limited licences are still valid.