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The year 2011 starts with a TimePunch Version 1.93

(PresseBox) (Bürstadt, ) In the current Version of TimePunch we had several improvements. TimePunch got a new OverTime Report. This shows the current overtime for every day in the month. With this feature it's more easy to understand the overtime calculation of TimePunch.

As an additional feature we implemented an cummulative overtime restriction. Using this function you can charge all previously accumulated overtime and mark them as "pay out" for example.

Additionally we extended the TimePunch Studio in order to ask for a password, when time recording for a user starts. As a precondition the user needs to have a password set in his profile to enable that feature.

Last but not least, we adjusted the TimePunch Watcher. The input focus is set to the Ok Button, instead of set to the text input when the notification window pops up.

Important: Your TimePunch Database must be updated after installing the new version of TimePunch. Therefore you have to execute the TimePunch Database Assistent in the Windows Startmenu and Folder of TimePunch.

Of course all TimePunch 1.9x licences as well as the timely limited licences are still valid.