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Membrane Meets Metal: GFT Membrane Keyboards Now Available in Metal Front Panel

(PresseBox) (Olching, ) To complete the GFT series developed by GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH, the developers took another step forward: The robust membranes have been laminated to a solid front panel milled from aluminum. The device is as flat as a pancake and, due to the fasteners on the back, ideal for installation in consoles with very low depth. The keyboard controller GCK-990 has a lot to offer: The customer can select exclusive design options, individual programming, and has the choice between PS/2 and USB connections.

Light Metal for Heavy Industry
The anodized metal housing increases the robustness of the device. Combined with a membrane that is dust and water resistant in accordance with DIN IP65 in the front, the GFT keyboard can withstand data input applications in areas susceptible to shock and vibration without any difficulty.

Matching Housings for all Models of the Series
Besides the 104-key version, the complete series with all its various models has been equipped with matching metal panels. The customer has a wide range of choices between the 104-key device with or without integrated touchpad and the compact front panel version with 51 keys. All keys in these devices can have two symbol assignments through the FN function.

Price and Availability
Prices range from about 120,- to 230,- EURO plus tax, depending on the model. Available directly from GeBE Computer & Peripherie GmbH. Further information: here...

Technical Details
Mechanical data
Housing: Frontpanel Version
Housing: Aluminium
Degree of Protection: IP65
Dimensions: 340 x 168 x 4 mm (fasteners 20 mm)

Key Technology: metal dome
Number of Keys: 105
Keyboard Layout: German

Electric Data
Interface: USB (with adapter PS/2 )

Live time: about 10 million key strokes

Delivery Form
Weight: 0,450 kg

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