NEW: Special edition - limited to 30 systems - of the G-POWER M3 V8 SK I, SK II and SK II CS supercharger systems

G-POWER M3 V8 supercharger systems now available as a limited "HURRICANE 337 Edition" - only 30 systems available world wide

Aresing/ Ot. Autenzell, (PresseBox) - .
- Special edition of the G-POWER M3 V8 SK I, SK II and SK II CS supercharger systems featuring an exclusive "HURRICANE 337 Edition" design

- limited special edition of only 30 systems to honor the record for the fasted BMW M3 in the World

- superior power output enhancement from the leader in aftermarket BMW supercharger Systems

- high quality - meeting OEM standards - due to years of experience and CAD engineering

- more than 500 cars have been equipped with one of our M3 V8 supercharger system so far

- significantly larger power output enhancement than with any other classic tuning alternative

- sports-engine characteristics with excellent response

Already in 2011 G-POWER has established a world record for the fastest BMW M3 E9X during the Highspeed-Tests of the automobile magazine "auto motor und sport" in Nardo. At that time a 570 hp strong G-POWER M3 equipped with a SK II supercharger system reached a top speed of 333,1 km/h. Now G-POWER has gone one step further. With a driven top speed of 337,6 km/h a G-POWER M3, equipped with the G-POWER M3 SK II CS supercharger system, is currently the fastest BMW M3 E9X in the world (have a look at the video: HERE).

In order to honor this world record, G-POWER has now introduced a special edition of the M3 V8 SK I, SK II and SK II CS supercharger systems called "HURRICANE 337 Edition". Carbon fiber add-ons and a unique "HURRICANE 337 Edition" graphic design for the air box underline the exclusive character of this, in compliance to the 30 years anniversary of "first class performance", limited special edition of 30 systems.

Core of the G-POWER M3 V8 supercharger systems is the powerful ASA T1-523 radial supercharger. A High-Flow air intake incl. large racing air filter, a large volumetric intercooler system made from cast aluminium and a cast aluminium air box featuring the "HURRICANE 337 Edition" design set the necessary background to enable the max. boost of 0,5 bar relative, of its strongest version the SK II CS, in order to produce an power output of 615 hp and 595 Nm of torque.

The intelligent and unique concept of the G-POWER system that has been completely designed in CAD - including virtual computational fluid dynamics analysis (CFD analysis) - and intensive test driving, is the basis for its supreme power output enhancement combined with the kind of power delivery that only a G-POWER supercharger system can provide.

The very first thing you notice behind the wheel of a BMW M3 with a G-POWER M3 V8 supercharger system is the extremely sporty throttle response, which is completely different to that of any other forced induction system. Every input from the gas pedal is being translated immediately into forward propulsion, without the lag usually associated even with modern turbocharged engines. The driver's command is proportionally and instantaneously implemented. One further characteristic of mechanical supercharging using the ASA radial supercharger is the outstanding torque in the middle of the rev range, which is particularly impressive during overtaking manoeuvres. This lively response from mid-range revs increases continuously until the engine speed peaks, which is also where maximum boost pressure is achieved. The acceleration experience is akin to being fired from a catapult.

The G-POWER M3 V8 SK I, SK II and SK II CS supercharger system of the "HURRICANE 337 Edition" do not just enable a power output enhancement of up 615 hp and 595 Nm of torque but transforms your BMW M3 - due to the strict limitation to 30 systems world wide - to one of the most exclusive and fastest BMW M3 in the world.

Do you have further questions concerning the G-POWER M3 SK I, SK II and SK II CS "HURRICANE 337 Edition" supercharger systems, then contact us here: CONTACT

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