New Gameduino Hits the Market - Driven by FTDI Chip's FT800 Graphic Controller Technology

Glasgow, (PresseBox) - FTDI Chip has confirmed that its ground-breaking FT800 Embedded Video Engine (EVE) is a key component in an exciting new Kickstarter project - the Gameduino2 game adaptor shield from Excamera. In 2011, the Kickstarter-funded Gameduino made major industry impact by successfully bringing vintage gaming to the popular Arduino platform. Now, with the introduction of Gameduino 2, users will be able to transform their Arduino units into modern handheld gaming systems that feature touch control, 3-axis accelerometers, headphone audio outputs and microSD data storage for game assets. In addition, they will benefit from the shield's support of next generation graphics via its built-in 4.3-inch display.

The Gameduino 2's graphical capacity, which stems from FTDI Chip's highly-integrated and easy-to-use FT800 IC, is much greater than that of its predecessor, thereby dramatically enhancing the gaming experience that results. Furthermore, its OpenGL-style command set makes programming far simpler to carry out. It can load JPEGs, support alpha transparency and has a full 32-bit colour pipeline.

Incorporating a 4-wire touch controller and a single channel audio controller that allows midi-like sound quality, the FT800 EVE graphic controller employs an object-oriented approach (where objects are images, fonts, specific sounds, templates, overlays, etc.). This renders images in a line by line fashion with 1/16th of a pixel resolution, while still maintaining high-quality graphical representation. It means that system designs based on it are a lot more streamlined - requiring fewer supporting components, less board space, a lower power budget and shorter development times.

"With the EVE concept FTDI Chip is looking to change the way in which people interact with everyday technology, by providing the display, audio and touch functionality needed to create innovative new products, while simultaneously being very cost effective and not placing heavy demands on the developers." states Fred Dart, CEO and Founder of FTDI Chip. "Gameduino 2 is a prime example of what can be achieved. We were all very pleased to be involved in this project."

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Future Technology Devices International Limited

FTDI Chip develops innovative silicon and software solutions capable of enhancing the way that people interact with today's technology. Through application of its "made easy" principle, the company is able to support engineers with highly sophisticated, feature-packed, simple-to-use and robust product platforms which enable the creation of electronic designs that have higher performance, fewer peripheral components and lower power budgets, as well as utilising less board space. These products are focussed on making advancements two fundamental areas; the transferring of data between electronic devices via Universal Serial Bus (USB) interconnects and Graphic User Interface (GUI) implementation. Its long-established and ever expanding USB portfolio, which comes with proven, ready-to-use, royalty-free firmware and driver support for all major operating systems, includes peripheral, host and bridge chips, as well as highly integrated system solutions with built-in microcontroller functionality. These are complemented by its graphic controllers which, which by taking a unique, more streamlined approach, allow engineers to dramatically reduce the development time and bill-of-materials costs involved in implementing next generation GUIs. They combine display, audio and touch functionality in a single compact package and are offered along with an array of development modules and software.

FTDI Chip follows a fab-less semiconductor model, partnering with the world's leading foundries. The company is headquartered in Glasgow, UK, with research and development facilities located in Glasgow, Singapore and Taipei (Taiwan), plus regional sales and technical support sites in Glasgow, Taipei, Portland (Oregon, USA) and Shanghai (China).

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