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"Visible Proof of our Excellence"


(PresseBox) (Markt Einersheim, ) The best way to test baking methods and processes is "hands-on" at the machine in an atmosphere of peace and quiet. This has been the educational philosophy of the bakery systems maker FRITSCH in Markt Einersheim, Germany, for many years now. Up to now, however, there have been two separate baking laboratories where customers and other interested parties could test their new lines, methods and products. Today, in order to better serve its business partners with more space, greater possibilities and increased comfort, the company has set up in neighboring Kitzingen its new and centrally located "FRITSCH TECHNOLOGY CENTER". In March of this year -- after only six months of renovation and moving house - the deed was done. Before a gathering of celebrities representing the baking trade, politics and business, the FTC was officially opened to the public and christened for its future tasks.

Emphasizing the great importance of the center, managing director Klaus Fritsch said: "The FTC has always been our company's visiting card. It is an expression of how we see ourselves and of the visions that we have. The wide range of machine solutions it offers is a testimony to our high level of competence in respect to both the baker's craft and the baking industry. It is the seal of approval for our technology and our considerable knowhow."

For all its emphasis on technology, the FTC is intended above all to be a place where people who have a common interest in baking can come together to discuss their craft and trade. Our customers, dealers, suppliers and business partners will all be our guests here. "This is a meeting place for bakers and dough technologists, entrepreneurs and production managers, consultants, technicians and salespeople." As a result, Klaus Fritsch explains, the FTC will become -- more or less automatically -- a braintrust for innovative thinking, and a forum for the exchange of ideas within an entire industrial sector.

The center -- with its 3,000 sq. meters of floor space and enough high-tech equipment to supply the entirety of Lower Franconia with its baked goods -- is for FRITSCH an events center, an important public-relations instrument, and -- last but not least -- a cultural "appeal". In keeping with the biblical saying that "man does not live by bread alone", the FTC exhibited on the evening before the official opening ceremony the works of the Franconian painter Helmut Nennmann. Also prior to the center's official opening, the FTC was able to try its mettle for the first time as a state-of-the-art test and development center by playing host to a large European bakery group that was conducting tests in Kitzingen on a wide variety of flour types.

In his message of greeting, Helmut Martell, the managing director of the German Association of Industrial Bakeries as well as secretary general of the international umbrella organisation, AIBI, focused his remarks on Klaus Fritsch's observation that the new FTC is a center with multiple uses and tasks. In fact, Martell claimed that the better name for the FTC would be the "FCC" (for FRITSCH Competence Center), because while the baking trade depends on high-performance baking line systems, the hardware itself is only part of the story. The transfer of know-how and core competencies in an age of ever-increasing manufacturing complexity is taking on evergreater importance. And the FTC provides the ideal setting for precisely this transfer of competencies: for the fruitful exchange of experiential values and for the mutual gain that is derived from the practical application for the practical application. FRITSCH has not allowed itself to be sidetracked by the current uncertainties of the financial markets. On the contrary, by creating the FTC, the baking systems manufacturer has given a sign of hope and shown great faith in the future of the baking trade. This, Martell concluded, is a clear indication of the company's long-term business savvy and is deserving of the thanks and the respect of the entire baking sector.

Representing the Association of the Baking Trade at the opening ceremonies was its president, Günther Behringer. Mr. Behringer said he had no qualms about referring to the FRITSCH company as the "mother" and the FRITSCH engineering team as the "Primdonnas of the Dough Sheet". Borrowing a metaphor from the sports arena, he then compared the company to a German major league football club that has succeeded in getting its team into the Champions' League.

For his part, Fred Mahler -- the man responsible for the service department at FRITSCH and in this capacity responsible also for the FTC -- told the story of the genesis of the center, thanking thereby the skilled craftsmen, their companies and all the FRITSCH partners for the high level of their commitment. He then passed over the center's "key" -- made of (you guessed it) dough -- to company chief Klaus Fritsch, who then in turn handed it on to the new managers of the FTC, sales directors Erhard Braun und Heiko Brunken.

Directly after the opening ceremonies, visitors could either join a variety of different discussion groups on the future of the baking trade or take a closer look at some of the latest high-performance lines produced by FRITSCH today.

Last but not least, Mayor Sigfried Müller expressed his great satisfaction in the name of the City and County of Kitzingen: The new FRITSCH TECHNOLOGY CENTER, he said, has brought Kitzingen a great step forward toward its goal of becoming a city where innovative forces can feel perfectly at home.