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We take FLEXIBILITY very seriously!

(PresseBox) (Kastl/Utzenhofen, ) The placeALL® fully automatic series by Fritsch GmbH in Kastl has always been distinguished by extreme flexibility.

This can be seen in particular in the set-up of the assembly space. This is designed such that it is possible to freely position the parts to be assembled. There are standardized fixtures for securing the PCBs which can be freely positioned on the assembly table. All fixtures are held in position by means of a particularly strong magnet. In addition, all magnet holders have a slip-resistant surface thus preventing the unintentional slipping of the holders.

The range of PCB fixtures includes the following components

PCB magnetic holder
For clamping the PCB so that it is in the same position after every change. The spring-loaded pressure piece enables an easy change of the PCB.

PCB magnetic eccentric holder
For clamping the PCB where there is little space

PCB magnetic support
For supporting purposes in the case of large PCBs to prevent sagging.

PCB magnet support bolt
For supporting the PCB where there is little space

PCB magnetic centre piece
For clamping the PCB over a bore

PCB magnetic holder rail
This rail is particularly suitable for positioning several PCBs in the assembly space at the same time.

Even for the assembly with foils, the placeALL® fully automatic series offers a flexible solution. With the own development of a vacuum table, which can be placed on the assembly table without tools within seconds, switching over to foil assembly is a piece of cake.

Fritsch GmbH

FRITSCH has always been renowned for their manual and semi-automatic SMT equipment. With their placeALL series, FRITSCH provides flexible and highly precise equipment for the automatic manufacturing of SMDs.