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Put an end to wasting space!

(PresseBox) (Kastl/Utzenhofen, ) Fritsch GmbH in Kastl is extending their range of universal feeder systems for their pick & place series placeALL®.

Besides the smartFEEDERS for the use of rolls and rods, the placeALL® fully automatic series offers various feeder solutions for trays and loose components.

In addition to the tray holder for the fixture of JEDEC trays with a format of up to 325 x 143 mm, Fritsch now offer a fixture with an optimized size.

The newly developed tray holder makes it possible to hold tray up to a size of 160 x 143 mm. This new size means that almost every free space in the assembly area can be utilized and a tray can be used even for very large PCBs for the feeding of SMD components.

The tray holders can be equipped with mounting plates for bulk material or ICs. This enables the best possible utilization of the assembly space and the safe processing of even the smallest of components.

The bulk material containers have 36 compartments for picking. Each container has a transparent cover in order to store the components safely and protect them from dust.

FRITSCH also offers various models of feeders for the feeding of ICs. The IC fixture can accommodate up to 25 different ICs. To this purpose, they have compartments of various widths for the different shapes and sizes. These compartments can also be customized.

Fritsch also has a combined mounting plate for bulk material and ICs in their range. This mounting plate facilitates the provision of bulk material and ICs in confined spaces. The feeders are naturally also available for existing machines. They can be retrofitted to all machines of the type PA610(L), PA510 and placePRO.

FRITSCH has always been renowned for their manual and semi-automatic SMT equipment. With their place- ALL series, FRITSCH provides flexible and highly precise equipment for the automatic manufacturing of SMDs.

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Fritsch GmbH

Fritsch GmbH with head office in Kastl (approx 40 km to the east of Nuremberg) is manufacturer of the following products in the field of SMD technology:

- Automatic SMD pick & place machines for prototypes to medium-sized series
- Manual and semi-automatic pick & place systems
- Repair and inspection work workplaces
- Manual and automatic dispensing systems
- Reflow soldering systems
- Board handling systems
- Complete production plants

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