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Programmable load monitoring for the analysis and diagnostics of 24V DC load circuits

(PresseBox) (Weinstadt, ) With its LOCC-Box-Net Friedrich Lütze GmbH & Co. KG offers programmable load monitoring. Along with reliable protection, it enables analysis and diagnostics of 24V DC circuits. LOCC-Box-Net can be connected to a PC (USB), RS 232 or via CANbus using a single-wire Fieldbus interface. Communication occurs with the help of Windows software LOCC-Pads. The software is available as a free download on the LÜTZE homepage.

LOCC-Box-Net from Lütze offers an integrated modular solution for electronic monitoring in 24 V DC circuits. This answers the requirement for selective tripping with high line attenuation and integration into the existent communication level. The individual circuit status is displayed via an LED. The LOCC-Box system switches fast enough to guarantee the stability of the 24V plane and thus prevents a fatal power-failure for the whole automation system. The LOCC-Box system is able firstly to handle capacitive loads and secondly to quickly recognize an overcurrent and switch off the affected path. In order to cope with the real demands regarding trip behaviour, the LOCC-Box-Net offers the possibility to set up to ten different trip characteristics. When interconnected with communication networks, LOCC-Box-Net offers a comprehensive analysis of the network and devices allowing engineers to see extensive data relating to the 24V control system, which improves fault finding and preventative maintenance.

Friedrich Lütze GmbH & Co. KG

50 years Tradition in Automation - with endless pioneering work and innumerable patents, LÜTZE today ranks amongst the leading companies in its sector worldwide. The Lütze company was founded in 1958 in Weinstadt, just outside Stuttgart, by Friedrich Lütze (born 1923). Since then the company has been developing and manufacturing electronic and electrotechnical components and system solutions for the automation industry, as well as high-tech components and solutions for the railways. Even back in those days, the young company quickly made a name for itself with its groundbreaking innovations and international patents. The introduction in 1972 of its LSC-Wiring System offered designers and builders of electrical control cabinets the opportunity for the first time to save up to 25% space against conventional designs. In the early 80s LÜTZE was already one of the leading global suppliers of highly-flexible cables.

Since the company was founded over 50 years ago, it has been part of the company philosophy, with its highly innovative products, to be a key supplier in the automation sector. Not without good reason has LÜTZE been investing more than the sector average in research and development.

The business has been growing steadily, with a cumulative growth over recent years of around 50%. Subsidiary companies have been founded in France, Austria, Switzerland, USA, UK and Spain. In 2007 the LÜTZE China subsidiary was opened. Since 2003 LÜTZE has owned the modern electronic production facilities of ELFRA in the Czech Republic. The ELFRA s.r.o. company employees over 100 people at its Chrudim site, about 100 km east of Prague.

Today the Friedrich Lütze GmbH & Co. KG is active worldwide; with 370 employees it generates an annual turnover of over 60 million euro and has more than 2000 customers within Germany alone. The major product groups include Control Cables, the LSC Wiring System for control cabinets, Interface and Suppression Technology, Power Supplies, Fieldbus Technology and Ethernet Controllers. Railway engineering forms a further important business sector for LÜTZE, where the company is already a major global player: around 30,000 LÜTZE components have already been installed in rail vehicles worldwide. Latest news: During the construction of the world's tallest building in Dubai, LÜTZE has supplied the power supply cable for the highest construction crane.

In 2006 Friedrich Lütze passed on the management of the company to his son Udo. On May 2nd 2008 the LÜTZE company celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this day LÜTZE will be hosting a technical symposium, when topics will include "Thermodynamics in control cabinet construction" and "Distributed control under the harshest conditions". Renowned speakers from the fields of science and industry will be attending.