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Discover the next generation of i.MX applications processors

Get a sneak peek of the updated roadmap / Von Geoffrey Lees

(PresseBox) (München, ) Twelve years and more than 150 million units shipped since its inception in 2001, our i.MX applications processor portfolio has become one of the most prominent and successful in Freescale history. Over the years, this ARM®-based processor line has unleashed innovation for thousands of customers with a broad array of successful end products in multiple embedded markets. The i.MX applications processor portfolio has been especially popular among automotive customers, with eight of the world's top 10 automotive OEMs today leveraging i.MX processors for their advanced driver information systems platforms.

I'm pleased to share that Freescale intends to build upon this success with several new i.MX applications processor offerings during the next 18 months:

-Next-generation i.MX 6 series products, based on 40 nm process technology, designed for telematics, infotainment and other graphically rich embedded applications.
-A new i.MX 7 series portfolio, based on 28 nm process technology, designed for IoT applications, point of sale products and a host of other cost-sensitive embedded applications. We expect i.MX 7 series solutions for cost-sensitive markets to be a key driver of our long-term i.MX portfolio expansion.
-A new i.MX 8 series portfolio, based on 28 nm process technology, targeting highly advanced driver information systems and other multimedia-intensive embedded applications and designed to exceed the stringent requirements of top automotive OEMs for years to come.

Availability dates, product specifications and other details will be announced next year. In the meantime, contact your Freescale sales representative for more information about these exciting new i.MX applications processors!

Geoff Lees is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Microcontrollers business.