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Octave spanning GDD module

(PresseBox) (Wien, ) Exhibiting high reflectance over a bandwidth of 600 nm between 400 nm and 1000 nm and controlled group delay dispersion over more than one optical octave, between 450 nm and 960 nm, the dispersive mirrors employed in the MOSAIC(TM) OS module support pulse durations below 4 fs.

The dispersion of the compressor is matched to the typical chirp of pulses generated from noble-gas-fi lled hollow fi bers seeded with sub-30 fs, mJ-level pulses.

The mirrors are pre-aligned in a compact, robust housing. MOSAIC(TM) OS is the octave spanning upgrade to the current dispersive mirror set of your KALEIDOSCOPE(TM) hollow fi ber compressor.

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FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH is the premiere manufacturer of ultrafast, compact and reliable laser oscillator and amplifi er solutions. Founded in 1994 in Vienna, Austria, the company offers products and excellent services which have evolved to be the fi rst choice among OEMs and scientists worldwide for demanding applications and solutions. FEMTOLASERS state-of-the-art products offer technology of highest quality.

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