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INTEGRAL™ Femtosecond oscillator suits industrial needs

(PresseBox) (Vienna, ) The new INTEGRAL™ is a fully integrated ultrafast turn key Ti:S oscillator. The improved low loss cavity enables power levels of >400 mW with pulses of 400 mW at low noise figures, compared to >150 mW from the previous generation. Ultrashort pulses of less than 10 fs in duration as well as nearly Gaussian shaped spectra of greater than 120 nm in bandwidth are available, depending upon the INTEGRAL™ model. The INTEGRAL™ can be operated via a slim line 19" user interface or a computer interface allowing full process-integration.

Applications include THz generation, amplifier seeding, materials processing, diagnostics and many others in industrial, medical and scientific environment. Processes, where ultrafast pulses, broad bandwidth and high peak power combined with high stability are of advantage, clearly benefit from the new INTEGRAL™.

Accessories include beam steering and fiber delivery. FEMTOLASERS offers a wide range of solutions for dispersion management to ensure, that ultrafast pulses arrive undistorted at the target.

FEMTOLASERS‘ patented dispersive mirror technology yields shortest pulse duration combined with the most compact laser-head dimensions of only 500 x 260 x 80 mm. Direct coupling of the pump diodes in combination with a high efficient prism free cavity offers high reliability and reduces the cost of ownership significantly.

FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH

FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH is the premiere manufacturer of ultrafast, compact and reliable laser oscillator and amplifier solutions. Founded in 1994 in Vienna, Austria, the company´s products and excelllent services have evolved to be the first choice among OEMs and scientists worldwide for demanding applications and solutions. FEMTOLASERS state-of-the art products offer technology of highest quality.

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