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Solar Energy: Key Solution to CO2 Challenges in the Developing World

(PresseBox) (Copenhagen, ) Intense debate at COP15 centres on the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions in developing countries without limiting their economic growth and ability to make life better for their citizens. EPIA (the European Photovoltaic Industry Association) is in Copenhagen to make the case that solar provides the opportunity for developing countries to leapfrog traditional energy dependence on fossil fuel to producing clean energy.

"Solar energy offers a decentralised solution, easily adapted to poor infrastructures and ready for an expanded energy access to meet fast growing demand," says EPIA's Vicepresident, Murray Cameron. "Our recent study [1] shows the enormous potential of photovoltaic energy (PV) in 'Sunbelt' regions where many of the developing countries are located."

As the name implies, Sunbelt countries have intense sunlight. Most are experiencing a sharp increase in demand for electricity due to their growing economies and population - such as China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa.

"PV is an environmentallyfriendly solution for the Sunbelt that is feasible now with existing and readily available technology," EPIA's Secretary General, Adel El Gammal explains. "One of the main obstacles - and one that needs attention at COP15 - is the definition of a sound process for appropriate technology transfer."

Discussions about technology transfer have been going on for many years without any specific action. "There is some indication that this might be changing,"continues Adel El Gammal. "Global climate change negotiations will shape the future and trigger massive funding opportunities for low carbon technologies, such as PV. It's the best time to push an agreement to support the rapid and widest possible diffusion of existing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies."

EPIA will provide further information on this and other solar energy topics at a press briefing on the 15th of December 2009 at the Press center of Bella Center in Copenhagen. For details see

[1] Potential of On-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Sunbelt Countries. Report commissioned by the Asociacion de la Industria Fotovoltaica (ASIF), the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).

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