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EEX Natural Gas Trading reaches New Monthly Record

New record on the Spot Market - More than 10 TWh traded for the first time

(PresseBox) (Leipzig, ) In November 2011, natural gas trading on the European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) reached a new record. At a volume of 11,705,130 MWh, the highest sales since the launch of the gas market were generated. Compared with November 2010 the volume on the Spot and Derivatives Market for Natural Gas has more than doubled (November 2010: 4,526,558 MWh).

On the Spot Market, EEX once again recorded a monthly record. In November, the volume for delivery into the GASPOOL, NCG and TTF market areas amounted to 4,075,290 MWh, which corresponds to an increase of 119 percent as against the same month in 2010 (GASPOOL and NCG volumes in November 2010: 1,853,788 MWh).

A volume of 2,286,258 MWh thereof comes from trading on the Within-Day Market, while 1,789,032 MWh were generated on the Day-Ahead Market. In the spot market area TTF alone 1,237,091 MWh have been traded. Since the launch of this new market area a total of 3,061,438 MWh have already been traded into TTF delivery. The last monthly record on the Spot Market was established at 2,531,947 MWh in the preceding month of October. In the course of the month, the daily reference price on the Spot Market ranged between EUR 22.20 per MWh and EUR 27.00 per MWh.

On the Derivatives Market for Natural Gas the positive development of the previous months continued. In November, a total of 7,629,840 MWh was traded, which corresponds to an increase of 185 percent as against November 2010 (2,672,770 MWh). As of 30 November 2011, the open interest increased to 31,252,080 MWh.

On 30 November 2011, a price of EUR 24.55 per MWh (GASPOOL) and of EUR 24.47 per MWh (NCG) was established for natural gas deliveries in the year 2012. The last monthly average for the EGIX Germany natural gas index and, hence, the reference price for the delivery month of December 2011 was determined at EUR 24.92 per MWh on 29 November 2011.

Currently, 107 trading participants are admitted to natural gas trading on EEX. 92 trading participants are registered for trading on the Spot Market, while 84 trading participants are registered for trading on the Derivatives Market.