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ESI becomes a SantosHuman Inc. Authorized Reseller

Delivering digital human modeling to simulate motion and posture

(PresseBox) (Paris, ) ESI Group (ISIN FR0004110310), pioneer and worldleading supplier of digital simulation software for prototyping and manufacturing processes, announced today the recent agreement between its North American subsidiary - ESI North America - and SantosHuman Inc., providing human factors analysis in an interactive digital environment.

ESI North America has become an official reseller of SantosHuman Inc. digital human modeling products and services, and as such handles sales, distribution and training. Santos(TM) uses biomechanics and physics optimization to predict posture and human motion. With this alliance, SantosHuman Inc. benefits from a recognized partner with an established distribution network for physicsbased simulation solutions.

The agreement is also favorable to ESI's customers, who will benefit from a broader range of human modeling solutions and services. SantosHuman Inc.'s software offering is a great addition to ESI's own human modeling offering, as the former is focused on ergonomic applications, among which the prediction of human motion. ESI's offering, on the other hand, provides solutions for Virtual Testing to predict and improve the behavior of industrial products. Above all, those solutions include distorted models of the human body with detailed geometrical and material descriptions of bones, flesh, muscles, ligaments, organs, and others soft tissues. These models enable a detailed analysis of the human body interactions with its environment, and provide a deep insight into its behavior in real life situations, such as transportation security, seat and driving comfort, and orthopedic surgery.

"Virtual tools in manufacturing, design and testing have been around for a number of years and the mechanical nature of simulations are being dramatically improved with new advances in Finite Element (FE) tools and MultiBody Dynamics (MBD) tools", said Jay Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, SantosHuman Inc. "In ergonomics, the missing link has always been a highly developed human model to predict human movements in the virtual environment. It is where Santos' offer stands out as its solution, incorporating human simulation to the virtual environment, was engineered joint by joint using a biomechanical physicsbased optimization algorithm to simulate any and all human capable movement and motions: our patent pending formulation called Predictive Dynamics".

"This partnership will bring together SantosHuman Inc. and ESI's software and expertise to create a center of excellence for human modeling", declared Michael Bloor, Chief Operating Officer, ESI North America. "Being the forerunners of human modeling and research and development, SantosHuman Inc. and ESI will provide the cornerstone for the most comprehensive and highfidelity digital human modeling tools. The partnership is geared towards helping our customers address problems in the design stage thereby saving time and money by delivering the most advanced, easytouse human modeling and simulation capabilities in the market."

About SantosHuman Inc.

Santos(TM) is an intelligent avatar with realistic biomechanical abilities that functions in a powerful physicsbased human systems integration and simulation environment, the Santos(TM) environment. Santos(TM) conducts human factors studies in design relevant to training, production, or performance needs of realworld military, manufacturing, sports and other domains. This realtime realistic system addresses rigorous biomechanics, gait, motion prediction, and related issues. Santos acts intelligently and autonomously to allow to safely and effectively understand human performance.

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