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Turkey and Albania Electricity Transmission Systems in Permanent Synchronous Operation with Continental Europe

(PresseBox) (Brussels , ) In meetings of 9 and 24 April 2014, the ENTSO-E Regional Group Continental Europe (RG CE under the System Operation Committee) Plenary and the Regional Group Continental South East (RG CSE under the System Development Committee), respectively decided on the permanent synchronous operation of the Turkish and Albanian electricity transmission systems with the Continental Europe system.

Following this initial decision, a number of steps will now be taken to complete the process:

- TEIAS and OST will be invited to sign a Long-Term Agreement (LTA), similar to the MLA, to be finalised by mid-July 2014, with other remaining signatories finalised by end-2014;

- Following this, technical experts from TEIAS and OST will be invited to attend meetings of the RG CSE and RG CE subgroups, and one technical expert from both TEIAS and OST will be invited to attend RG CE Plenary meetings;

- The current Connection Agreement with OST and TEIAS, in force until May and September 2014 respectively, will need to be extended until the LTA enters into force.


Albania is synchronously operated with the UCTE/Continental European (CE) system since 1986. In 2004, the Albanian transmission system operator (TSO) OST, committed to upgrade the Albanian system to UCTE/CE standards.

With the establishment of the Multilateral Agreement (MLA) between CE TSOs in 2005, the need arose for OST to become compliant with the Operation Handbook which is an annex to the MLA and contains UCTE (today RG CE) operational standards. This process was closely followed by Project Group Albania.

Turkey, whose TSO is TEIAS, applied for synchronous interconnection with the UCTE/CE in 2000. On 18 September 2010, following feasibility studies, Turkey was connected in a trial parallel operation to the CE synchronous area. A Project Group Turkey was created to follow this process and to help TEIAS to become compliant with the Operation Handbook standards.

In 2013, RG CE requested TEIAS and OST to perform a self-assessment against the Operational Handbook operational standards. The assessment results showed that remaining non-compliance issues of TEIAS and OST were not critical, thus allowing final decision to be made.