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ENTSO-E supports draft Energy Efficiency Directive but changes are needed for efficient system operation

(PresseBox) (Brussels, ) European TSOs support the overall goals of the European Commission's Draft Energy Efficiency Directive, which was released on 22 June, but are concerned it could lead to unintended risks to efficient system operation. Some details could even have negative consequences for the efficiency of the overall electricity system. On behalf of its 41 member TSOs, ENTSO-E therefore proposes amendments to Article 12 of the draft directive.

ENTSO-E recognises that energy efficiency measures are among the most cost-effective ways of addressing the EU's strategic policy objectives of fighting climate change, ensuring security of supply and enhancing competitiveness, while creating jobs and contributing to affordability for consumers. Therefore ENTSO-E's intention is not to alter the directive's spirit or intent, but to address in particular an unintended negative impact on the efficiency of the electricity system that could result from the directive's Article 12 on Energy transmission and distribution, and to Annex XII. In particular, ENTSO-E's proposal addresses transmission tariffs and transmission losses; priority dispatch of CHP generation; and connection issues.

A detailed explanation on ENTSO-E's proposed amendments is available here.